Review: TheFaceShop Phyto Powder in Cleansing Cream: Black Sugar

Monday 10 March 2014
Annyeong! How's your weekend? Was it fun? For me it was definitely awesome as I get to spend some time outside the campus (and of course, design studio!!) and now, I'm back in campus, ready for another week ahead of me.

Anyway, as the previously posted about my current skincare routine, I also posted about my current morning cleansers (click here and here), today I'm going to post about a cleansing cream that I'm using right now as I just finished my previous product.

Phyto Powder in Cleansing Cream with Black Sugar as the featured ingredient, another product from TheFaceShop.

Product Description:
A cleansing cream with the Black Formula containing granules spreads lightly onto the skin without any stickiness to remove tiny blackheads, makeup, and skin impurities.

How to use:
Dispense appropriate amount on the palm and spread evenly to the entire face and massage gently to dissolve make-up.
Wipe off with tissue and follow by washing with a cleansing foam.

Net vol: 150ml



This product comes in a tube, which a first for me. I always have cleansing cream in tubs or jars. So this is rather interesting and more hygienic. 


I love the idea of using real illustration on the tube. It's always interesting to see the real ingredients rather than having graphic illustrations. :)


I think I mentioned this many times, I do like this kind of cap. Totally locks in the product without leaking in my bag while traveling.

It's good to have a sealed product before open. 

There's a list of ingredients on the back of the tube. Hate to know that this contains parabens.

Do aware that you have to use the product right after dispensed. Use within 12 months.


To test this product, I used (from top to bottom) Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit, TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream, Lovely ME:EX Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner and TheFaceShop Face It Extreme Brush Pen Eye Liner. 

The product is cream-like and slightly brown in colour. The scent is a bit strong for me. But it's okay as after using this cleansing cream, I need to use cleansing foam anyway. 

Massage the product to melt those make-ups. I usually massage for like a minute. 

Just wipe it off and voila! All are gone! :) Is it me or my hand appeared slightly brighter than before? Hmm, maybe this one too can remove dead skin cells like my Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Serum? 

Final verdict: 4/5. Totally in love with this product though it's fact that it contains parabens so I guess I won't be repurchasing this again. But if you don't mind that, this definitely suitable to those who're looking for a nice make-up remover that doesn't leave any stickiness at all. This claims to help in removing tiny blackheads too but I'm not sure about that.

I got this during my December Haul and the retailed price is RM32.90 and I remember there was a sale during that time.

I think that's all for the review. Hopefully this this review will help you guys. 

I'll see you guys next post! Annyeong!

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