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Tuesday 4 March 2014
Annyeonghaseyo! How's your week so far? Nothing much for me today, as things have been pretty much about design studio these days. 

Anyway, as I reviewed the Face It Oil Cut Pore Balm yesterday, today I'm going to review the sister product, which is the Pore Powder Pact with SPF25 PA++. 

Similar with the Pore Balm, it comes with the same packaging, green hue and blue for the fonts. The design is simple and elegant. 

Product description from the box:
  • Oil free formula adheres to skin as light as air for clump-free make-up even after several touch-ups. 
  • Specially formulated with double-coated powder for a longer-lasting make-up by effectively controlling the formation of sweat and sebum.
  • Helps maintain a fresh and shine-free look for a long time.
  • Apply the ultra-fine powder lightly onto skin for a soft look. 
  • Contains Oil-Cut Complex: A patented phyto-complex containing mung bean extract, birch extract and curly dock extract to prevent skin problems by controlling sebum production. 

How to use: Apply with light tapping motion using the included puff. For contours around the eyes and nose, apply with extra care. 

Above is the ingredient list. Please note that this product contains good ingredients such as grapefruit extract, and at the same time it also contains Methylparaben and propylparaben. 

The case. Looks so simple and elegant to me. 

as the case is with a glossy surface, there's a plastic sheet covering the lid to prevent scratches. 

It also has a very nice mirror inside the case. I honestly don't like some powder pact that doesn't come with a mirror. 

A closer look on the puff. It's really soft! I usually wash this like two to three times a month. 

There's a plastic lid separating the puff and powder pact. I do like the concept of keeping the product fresh like that. Cause sometimes while patting the puff, there's BB cream got absorbed onto the puff, or sometimes sweat (especially when I'm in hurry) so it's good not to put together the puff right after using it and I usually just wash the puff when I noticed if it's get dirty. 

That's the closer look on the pact. This is Natural Beige 23. There're only 2 shades, the other being number 21, I think it's Radiant Beige, not sure. No. 21 in Face It Aura CC Cream is Radiant Beige though. 


I do like this powder pact. The longer-lasting power (compared to my Maybelline powder pact) is better. The oil control is quite good. It goes with my BB cream nicely. 

I do love the fact that it gives nice finish, due to it's really fine texture, how it covers my pores (plus the pore balm) but one thing for sure, I can't layer products (Pore balm, BB cream, then the powder pact) one after another right away, cause it'll make my skin looks cakey. I have to give one product some time to settle before layering another one. Though this is well-known among experts, but definitely not me. I learned the hard way I guess. hehe

The shade is a little bit lighter than my skin actually so I'm always careful when applying it, making sure for not applying too thick. 

Final verdict: 4/5. Like I said, I love this powder pact, but I don't think I'll be purchasing it again, 'cause you guys know me, I always want to try new products. hehe

I got this at the same price as the Pore balm, which is RM69.90 with a 50% discount during the Cosmetic Sale last year.

I guess that's all for this post. I would really love if you guys can recommend similar products, a powder pact with oil-control. That'll be awesome.

Until next post, au revoir!
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