Review: Etude House Moonlight in Spoon: Blending Sleeping Cream in Rosehip

Friday 21 March 2014
Annyeong! Ah~ These days I can feel that my skin is slightly under the weather. huh? Is that the word? Well, with the stress and whatnot.. Sigh~

With that, I decided to go through my stashes of products in my drawer and looked for this! hehe~

Moonlight in Spoon Blending Sleeping Cream in Rose Hip from Etude House. 
Whoa~ that was mouthful.. I think this is one product that has the longest name! 

Anyway, this one is for 'Bright and Moist'. Definitely something that I need as I kinda feel my skin is a bit dry these days. :)

As you guys can see the above photo, there's illustration of the rose hip. 
Wanna see a real one?

If you're a big fan of Victoria Secret Angel's Miranda Kerr, I bet you heard she mentioned about how she used Rose Hip oil to achieve that glowing complexion. It's actually been in practice since ancient time (I read somewhere it was during the time of Egyptian, even Mayans) that they've been using Rose Hip oil for healing purposes. 

Product Description:
This is a Blending Sleeping Cream containing Rose hip extract (Rosa Canina Flower Oil), Lavender, Chamomile, and Mint. 
'Blend together Sleeping Cream' is a (mix of) golden herb water-gel and rich nourishing cream (that contain ingredients that can) moisturise skin overnight for a lucid, bright moonlight-like complexion.

There's the manufacturing date. Be sure to check before buying. 

There's also illustration on how to use the product. Ah, totally cute! :)

Basically, what you need to do in order to use the product is to take out the spoon inside and as shown below, be careful while tearing the plastic cover because you might spill the product inside. 

Break the handle part and use it to blend in the transparent gel. To my understanding, the gel is the one that's provide moisture while the coloured gel is the one that contained the extracts. 

Blend well, as you can see here the rose-coloured gel has became less pinkish, which also means you can start applying it on your skin. 

Do remember not to apply using the spoon, as it's quite sharp. 

Texture and Scent:
The texture, as expected is creamy and I have to say that I was expecting it to be absorbed quickly but it just didn't. So the the consistency is quite heavy or thick as I need to wait for about 20 minutes to half an hour before it absorbed into my skin. As it's said that this is a sleeping cream, I guess it's natural for it to be slightly thicker than my usual sleeping mask that I'm using. 

The scent is lovely, I have to be honest. Well, apart from loving anything that has sakura in it, I also love rose-scented items so this sleeping cream, as it's rose-kinda-scented, I love it. Indeed, as it contains chamomile, the scent is soothing me, helped me relaxed a bit. 

The amount of product which is 6g is a lot for me but to my knowledge, I have to use the whole thing, or if you guys have fridge, I think it's better to use half portion of the product. Well, the usual amount of product for sleeping mask is 3 to 4g anyway. Even better, just share with your roommate! :)

This is a sleeping cream or mask I should say so just leave it on and continue with washing it off the next morning. 

Final verdict: 4.5/5. I absolutely love this variant. if you need a quick fix, put this on for about 5 to 6 hours while sleeping before going on with daily activities is enough to rejuvenate your skin and give you the healthy glow that you want. Though the effect is temporary. But then again, who knows what this product could do if you integrate it into your skincare routine? :) So yeah, if I need extra treatment for my skin, this is one of the things that I'll go for. 

Why not full score? Because it's quite pricey. RM9.90 per item is expensive if you ask me. Which is why I guess I'm going to opt for the ones in jar instead of this. But for travelling purposes, or for girls' slumber party, this is great. 

Will I repurchase? Absolutely. 

I guess that's about it. I hope this review can help you decide whether to get this or not. Or.. if you want need extra info on this product. :)

Tell me if you have tried it, are you gonna repurchase it? What's your favourite sleeping mask? Do share.

Until next post, au revoir!

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