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Tuesday 11 March 2014
Annyeong! How are you guys? It's been about few days since the haze here in KL just got crazier. Sigh. Make sure to wear face masks, okay! Deep cleansing is important as well!

Anyway, the last time I posted with this tag is Shea Butter which is in last December. So I guess it's been awhile hence today I'd like to talk about skin moisture, moisturising our skin and of course, moisturiser.

I read this topic on a magazine before so I'd like to express my thoughts on it.

With so many misconceptions and preconceived notions about the skin, it's only natural that there also be many myths about certain skin types, especially dry and oily skin.

Oily skin still needs to be moisturised.

A few years back, I thought having oily skin means I don't need to moisturise. Totally wrong on that! Having oily skin required you to deep cleanse your skin. But after the cleansing step, you still need to moisturise your skin to compensate  the stripped natural off on your skin or your skin will overcompensate the lack of moisture with a production of excess oil and sebum. Noooo!!
As much as you love the mud or clay-based masks, be moderate and stick to once or twice a week rule.

Drinking water. 

Of course, drinking adequate amount of water is important to keep our body running at its best but to those who have dry skin, drinking more water than required (at least 1.5L a day) won't make a dry complexion look or feel better. Though I'm not sure about this but I guess it's true. Just drink enough water to maintain good health.

Products' arbitrary age categories. 

I bet most of you saw in beauty stores that skincare are arranged according to how its formulated, for above 50s, 30s to 40s, 20s and teens. Though it makes sense to buy skincare products according to age but I guess it's only true if those products help your skin problems and fulfil your skin needs.
Example, as recently I got myself some skincare products at local beauty store, I asked the BA if I can use a firming mask that usually used by those in 30s and above. Then she explained that these kind of products do not necessarily targeting those in that age. Even if you're in early 20s, it's okay to use them but in appropriate amount. Older women may need more of that compare to younger women. In short, ask the beauty adviser to help you to identify your skin concerns and then addressing your skin issues, I do agree that's a wiser way to shop.

Day Cream and Night Cream?

Some people are stressing about using different moisturisers for day and night time. Well, I agree if those moisturisers address different issues that you want to apply on your skin and maybe because of the textures are different, example day cream is really creamy while night cream is lighter and won't make your skin oily when you wake up in the morning, but it's okay to use the same moisturiser for both day and night time. Most of the time the difference is the day cream has SPF in it that offers sun protection.

Talk about sun protection, do not skip sunscreen even it's rainy outside or you just staying indoors. The clouds does filter the sun rays but with the UVA and UVB rays in the mix, damage still can happen on deeper level where UVA rays ruin the collagen and elastin fibres that hold your skin up, leading to the premature formation of lines and wrinkles.

Toners are important skincare products!

Some people think that toners are less important and don't apply them in the last step in cleansing.
Do you guys know that toners can remove chlorine found in tap water and of course any residual cleanser.

If you feel the need to give extra moisture to your skin, go for coconut oil as it is rich in emollient (moisturising, soothing, and softening) properties, it helps to smooth and soften skin while preventing wrinkles by defending the skin's connective tissues.
Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop are good for treating acne problem, and as for oily skin, grapeseed oil like peppermint oil can actually help regulate your natural oil production, as it's packed with antioxidants, including skin-brightening vitamin C.

Check out this interesting article on beauty oils. Click here.

Aloe vera are packed with amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and powerful antioxidants, it has healing properties that stimulate rejuvenation. Check out my review on my favourite aloe vera product!

So that's a little bit about the topic today. Though it isn't that much, hope it helps. :) All I want it to just share with you guys little things that I know. Feel free to correct anything and share your thoughts and input here.

I'll see you guys next post! :D Annyeong!

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