Review: Skinfood Carrot Cleansing Foam

Thursday 6 March 2014
Remember this photo from my November Haul?

Basically, this cleanser, Carrot Cleansing Foam from Skinfood comes in a kit (on top left) and I only been using this for about a week now as I just finish my travel-sized Black Sugar Scrub Foam from the same brand. So this is both a trial and travelling kit I guess. 

Product Description:
A foam cleanser that is formulated without 7 ingredients* or the health of you skin, contians the nutrient-enriched extract and organic carrots grow in pure water from the Jeju Island.

*Parabens, dyes, alcohol, mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, artificial fragrances and benzophene. 

How to use:
Dispense ample amount of product into wet palms and lather up. Rub gently onto face and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Splash cold water of astringent effects.

Net Vol.: 50ml


The product is housed within this light brown tube with label on it.

There's the expiring date, on the top part of the tube. 

During the first time of using the special cotton, the product is sealed so no worry. It's fresh! Hmm~

The foam is in white colour. it's creamy, soft and most importantly cleanse well. After I added the water, the foam was started to get less thick. 

It smells refreshing, Citrusy, I guess? But it's pleasant. hehe


I do like this cleanseer. The fact that it does work well in cleansing my skin is totally good enough for me. 

After washing, my face felt nice ans smooth, it doesn't dry up my skin or anything. Just nice. 

Final Verdict: 4/5. There's nothing special about it, I guess minus on that! But the fact that it's 7-free products just awesome! ^_^ But of course, I usually will just buy different cleanser as I love trying new things and I guess I won't be repurchasing this one. 

I think I have to agree when some bloggers said that this cleanser is more appropriate for teenagers as the way I see it, it has one simple function, 7-free product, and even the full size one is very much affordable while as an adult, I usually look for a cleanser that has multiple function to it, for example my Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam, that not only brightening, works as scrub as well, at the same time give me the moisture I need, mostly because as we older, our skin need more care than during our younger days.  

So, I guess that's all about this review. Do share if you ever tried this product and tell me similar products!

I'll see you guys next post, okay!
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