It's Been a While!

Saturday 18 January 2014
Hello, lovelies! ... OMG!!! It's been 10 days since my last post! Please for give as right after I flew back to my hometown, I had to fly again to another part of Malaysia for a little getaway with my parents for 4 days and then to spent 4 days on the road, traveling back and forth from a relative house due to some family matters.

Only yesterday I got the chance to recover from all those exhausting trips!

Anyway, I would like to welcome new followers of my blog, whether you're on Google+, Bloglovin' or the most popular, Google Friend Connect platform, annyeonghaseyo!

By the way, I extended the date for you guys to vote for the items I'm going to giveaway though Etude House is winning over 50% right now so I already prepared some stuffs. hehe

So yeah, as I prepared some stuffs to be reviewed, so stay tuned and I'll see you guys next post!

P.S.: Be sure to comment if you're new follower or if this is your first visit here.
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