Beauty Empties 2.0 | December

Saturday 4 January 2014
Hello, lovelies! It's Saturday so what are your plans for today? For me who is still having exams next week, weekends are meant for studying. :) Hence today's post is gonna be a quick one I promise. 

Like the above title, this is my last month's empties. I basically didn't finish that much but these things are the most important items in my daily beauty routine for the past 3 months. As this is an Empties Post, I will also comment on whether the first impression on these items last long or not.

First, the Rice Water Bright Cleansing line from TheFaceShop. As for the Cleansing Foam, yes the impression lasts till the last portion of the product. I really love it. Definitely repurchase probably in June or July. Next is the Cleansing Cream, this one too, is definitely gonna repurchase it. I just washed the tub and place my brooches in it as my current brooch box isn't enough. hehe Lastly the Rice Bran Cleansing Foam, ah~ this one is my favourite among all three of these. Yes, definitely repurchase! 

Next product that ran out was this exfoliating Rice Wash-Off Mask from my newly favourite brand, Skinfood. This one too is an awesome product and I will definitely repurchase it after finishing my Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask. 

Finally after 3 months, my skincare line from TheFaceShop which is the Flebote White Crystal line is finished! :D Love the Brightening Skin Toner but decided not to repurchase this as I already bought the huge 500ml Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener. The Effect Essence works great but as you may already know, I already purchased new item as my serum. Lastly the Moisture Radiance Cream, though this is a Whitening/Brightening cream, this doesn't dry out my skin at all. Will review that soon. :D

I gotta admit, this set is my not only first Korean skincare line, but also it's the first skincare set I ever finished! Except for the emulsion that I bought later compared to other items in the line. I usually disposes my previous skincare products after 8 to 9 months of using them. Plus, my previous skincare is pretty much affordable. 

Lastly, two items not from K-beauty world~ my Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 was nice but Vaseline already released new products to replace this one with. Next is Nivea Insensitive Moisture Serum, another great body moisturiser and I bought like 3 of the samples which in the above size for merely RM1-2 each. 

Yep, that's it!! :D Hope you enjoy this post! 

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