Review: TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal Moisture Radiance Cream

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Hello, lovelies! Second post of the day! :D haha I'm so not in the mood to pack for my semester break! I usually pack like few hours before flying and so far never had any mishaps or anything like leaving something somewhere. The key is to have your list prepared weeks before (or days before) traveling so you get the chance to plan properly on what to bring and whatnot.

So let's get on with this review! As the title says, I'm going to review on a moisturizer that I used for about 3 months, which is this Flebote White Crystal Moisture Radiance Cream from TheFaceShop

As you may already know (for those who have been following me for awhile), I've been using this moisturizer at night alternating with my Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream as sometimes I need that extra moisture. 

Let's go to the product description first. 

Can you read it clearly? Do zoom in for the ingredient list though. :D
The high-potency brightening cream is formulated with Multi Fruit Acid Complex and Opuntia Tuna Fruit Extract that help skin turnover for clearer skin tone. Additions of skin activating Saffron Extract and natural moisturizers provide for healthy, moisturized skin while Korean White Pine Extract, a natural skin brightener, and Multiberry Tree Extract inhibit melanin production for intensive brightening. 

What is Korean White Pine?
It's an evergreen tree native to korea that has prized since ancient times for its unchanging green colour. Rich in resveratrol, an excellent anti-oxidant and skin brightener, this unique ingredient specially developed by THEFACESHOP laboratory, provides skin with last long lasting brightness and glow.

What is Saffron?
Saffron is a rare plant grown in the clean snows of beautiful, pristine Tibetan highlands, 5000m above sea level. It's Flebote's key ingredient that protects skin from free radicals and activates skin metabolism for improved clarity and resilience.


This the box that the product comes in. 

One of the side of the box. With featured ingredient description.

This one is meant to be used up within 12 months. Once scooped out, apply on skin right away. 

The product is housed within this. Now that I think of it, the glittery packaging reminds me of my Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream's packaging. 

At the side of the tub, there's some basic description (in Korean though) of the product. Good in case you lose your box. 

Just screw open the lid and you'll see this sturdy white lid. Very much helpful as I did spilled my mask in my luggage before. T__T

This photo was taken about 4 weeks ago. It's finished already. :)


The texture of the cream itself is nice I think. It's not too heavy nor it's too light. Just nice for my oil-combo skin. Not sticky at all. Woke up with hydrated, soft and supple to touch skin every morning. Nice, isn't it?

As for the scent, is quite the same as other items from the scent only a bit lighter. 

Overall, I love this moisturizer. Totally works with my skin and not even once it broke me out. Thank God! 

Now the question is whether this works with my skin in terms of its main function which is brightening or not? Check out the photos below. Pardon the different lightings and whatnot. I've been busy the whole time especially throughout December. 

I could totally see the difference after 4 weeks of using the product as I start at the end September 2013 (the photo on left). During the second month, throughout November, you guys can see how my skin gradually becoming slightly refined and finally, throughout December last year, I could totally see my acne scars are fading that much. 

I guess I could say that this product helped with pores as well. Actually, as you guys can see, that's my right facial area. I deliberately show that side of my face as my left side is not much of problem when it comes to acne scars and whatnot as that's just the style of me wearing my hijab, I covered more left side than right side. hehe Now that I noticed that I'm balancing the sides so it won't appear like this again. 

You should know that I was using the toner, essence and emulsion along with this moisturiser and all of them are from the same Flebote White Crystal skincare line. 

Final verdict: 4/5. This moisturizer is working great my skin. It's not a miracle product but you get to see satisfying result within the first month. So why minus one point? It's because of the price. Sigh. 

This is retailed at RM139.90 (US$42). Of course, this is Malaysian recommended price. Which is why I'm so glad as I get to grab this during the 10th Anniversary Sale with 60% discount. I found out that the sister skincare line, I think it's Collagen version, which is still available in South Korean stores, is retailed at merely around RM60. This skincare line isn't available in Korea anymore (I just couldn't find these on the official website) so I'm assuming that's 60% discount is the original price of this product. So, I went ahead and grabbed another tub the next day as I was getting some stuffs for mum. 

So, for this price, I would give a total 5/5 score point! :D

So I guess that's a wrap for this review! Finally I could say that I'm done reviewing with products from my September Haul. Sorry as the post was accidentally deleted. Thankfully I wrote down everything in my Molang Diary. hehe Wow. Only September 2013? That was a lot. But of course I did review some other products from October and November Haul as well. 

I'll see you guys next post soon! hehe I'm gonna get some food and work on another review after this. LOL

Au revoir! 

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