Of Final Exams and December Haul

Saturday 28 December 2013
Hello! Finally the weekend is here! There are few more days before the final exams gonna start but most of my friends including moi is in the holiday mood already. haha For me, it's only 10 days left before I'm flying home. Home as in my hometown in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. *the seafood is calling!!*

I just prepared a list of things I wanna do right after I get home as I'll be spending 4 days in Kuching, Sarawak for few days after I got home as Mom and is going to attend a Tupperware event yay! More new stuffs coming to my kitchen!!! of course beauty samples from BeautiControl (Tupperware skincare subsidiary company) and not forgetting the hotels we're gonna stay in! :D
In summary, I'm excited for that. Perfect getaway cause I definitely don't wanna go right into my dad's office being the temp worker, organizer, meeting boring clients, helping around with stuffs. 

Wait, I thought I was gonna talk about my finals? LOL let me to just let you into my real life, okay? Just a lil' bit. I promise you it won't be that boring. 

Basically, it's common for us in architecture department, who are mostly doing 6 to 7 year program, to have less than 4 final exams and that's because we have design studio which make up to a third of total credit hours sigh and architectural drawing lessons and instead of written exams, we need to submit design proposals, presentation boards, sketches, models, and sometimes artist impression where we get to do a little bit more to art rather than architecture itself. Talk about artworks and whatnot. For this semester, I only have 2 written exams. Which is awesome. I went for optional short semesters to be done with subjects like second languages and other religion-based studies. Ugh, now I feel bored talking about this stuff! haha :D Thing is, the reason I write this whole a lot of words in this post is because when I applied for Google AdSense, they said my blog is just full of photos and images and doesn't have enough contents. Sigh

Hence, this post. Oh, December Haul. :D now I have some interesting stuffs to talk about. 

Like I mentioned above, I'm going home so it goes without saying that my girls i.e. younger cousins will be waiting for me at home, all excited to get their New Year Gifts, plus schools gonna start pretty much next week so I guess it's no harm buying some skincare stuffs for them to bring along to their dorms, right?

So this week, after my final presentation week ended, I went out and buy some stuffs for them and of course for myself and mum. I basically ran out most of skincare products, as it's been 3 months since I used my TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal line (review soon!) and my Toner, Essence, and night Cream have finished so I was looking for a new line to get into.

A little teaser. 

I bought some stuffs from TheFaceShop, Skin Food and Etude House. I guess you know why. My girls love Etude House. Me too, actually. Oh, well. you guys know that already. 

Though I can't promise not to shop right after the exam on 31st, so... 

Haul post will be up soon. I'm going to post this month's haul in parts because I can't just spend 4 hours straight on computers as I need to do some revision so let's take our time on updates, yeah?

Love you guys. Annyeong~

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