Review: Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Wash-Off Masks: Apple

Sunday 29 December 2013
Hello, beautiful people! It's Sunday here in Malaysia and I woke up way earlier than usual cause of the wind keep hitting my door and it's more annoying than my alarm. 

Anyway, as I already fully woke up, why not post a quickie, right? Plus, I just tried this like few minutes ago, so it's better to post now cause I'm too lazy to jot down what I think of this one and post later. hehe

As in the previous post, I tried the Apricot Pack so this time it's the Apple Pack! For details, descriptions on this wash-off mask, please go to my previous post here

"An Apple a day keeps the doctors away". That's what I learned since pre-school and I gotta say, apple is my favourite imported fruit. I love everything apple; from juice, to smoothies, to pies and most of all, apple rabbits. hehe
Click on image to learn how to cut the apple like this! :D
Apple extracts are known as ingredient in skincare that soften and brighten up our skin. Oh, do check out my review on TheFaceShop Real Nature Apple Flesh Pack to know more about other apple-based product that I have.

Coming back to this product, here it is! 

Sagwa is Korean for Apple. Also means apologize. haha :D Suddenly recalled back some scenes in K-drama where apple is used to apologize to someone. Especially guys. LOL 


For this Apple Pack, I have to say that this one smells so heavenly. it's not overpowering or anything but this does smell like real apple. hehe 

Like other packs, this one too is indeed soften my rough skin due to lack of sleep these days and not only that it really moisturizes my dried skin as I've been spending extra hours in the library that's just basically like being in Alaska. pardon the exaggerating. it's feels like that though. T_T

Final verdict: 4/5. So far, this is the nicest one that I tried. So let's see if the Strawberry Pack is gonna be better than this or not.

Okay, I have to go back to my revision.

I'll see you guys next post, au revoir!

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