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Friday 27 December 2013
Hello, lovelies! Finally it's the end of the week! I bet most of you are still in holiday mood especially it's gonna be New Year soon! For me, I'm working on my New Year Resolution right now. God knows what's in the list.

For today, I'd like to review another item from my October Haul, which is this Rice Wash-Off Mask from my newly favourite brand, Skin Food.

Product Description:

A wash-off mask that transforms skin into a pure and soft texture, contains rice bran water.

How to Use:
After cleansing, gently massage ample amount of product over your dry face, avoiding eyes and mouth area.
Concentrate around nose area and massage the grains contained in the mask in circular motions.
Rinse with lukewarm water after 10 to 15 minutes of massage.


Basically, the product is housed within this sturdy white tub. Using green and beige as the illustration colours, I guess it's because of the colour of the paddy and the rice grains itself. So, yeah. I guess I can say that Skin Food wants to relate back to its natural sources i.e. main ingredient. 

You guys can find the ingredient list on the side of the tub. Please note that this product contains Parfum i.e. fragrance. 

There's the manufacturing date and expired date. Must be used up within a year after opened and the shelf life is about 2 years and a half. 

There's a white lid to avoid the product from spilled while traveling.

Texture and consistency:

Basically it's a thick white paste with rice grains in it. It's not sticky, no worries. 


Though the name is 'wash-off' mask' which usually means the product should be applied on your face and washed off after 10 to 15 minutes but I guess this works like exfoliating product or scrub as you need to do some massaging on your skin and let it polishes your skin, removing the piled dead skin cells that caused our skin become dull and dark. I have been using this wash-off mask for about 3 months on weekly basis so you guys can see here, it's about to finish. 

Scoop out the product using spatula for hygiene reason. 

Rubbing it on the skin surface. I really can feel the grains. Can you see it, though? It's not really that harsh even on my face. So, I guess it;s best using this product at least twice a week.

As you can see here, compared to the photos above, it really works in removing the dead skin cells. My hand appears to be a little bit brighter than before. Please note that I just edit the above photos by only adding my watermark there and those photos were taken at the same spot. 

That's only once of usage on my hand. I've been using this on my skin and is loving it each and every time! 

Final verdict: 5/5. I love it! I sometimes deliberately let the mask stays on my skin for a while after the massage as I just love the fragrance! Will I repurchase? Definitely YES. But not now. I still have 2 other sister products from Skin Food that I want to try after finishing this one. So, I'll get this once I'm done trying all of them. :D

You can get this product at your local Skin Food stores here in Malaysia for RM44 but you can also get this from Althea at much more affordable price of RM20

So, I guess that's a wrap for my first review on products from Skin Food. :D I hope you enjoy reading it! If you guys have tried this mask, do share your experiences. If you have tried similar products from other Korean brand, do tell! But if you haven't tried this or similar products, do share if you're willing to. :)

Anyway, that's all from me. I'll see you guys next post, au revoir! 

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