Monday 2 September 2013

That's the first thing my girlfriends asked about my face the moment they saw me during our little reunion recently. Sure, to be fair the photo above was taken last year but I'm darker than that I tell you! Okay, fine. I admit. I went outdoor like crazy as I was helping my mom running tasks here and there while completing construction projects.

I was babysitting my nephew for about 2 months and Adam is not your typical toddler. He ran and played outside the house every morning, in the afternoon and around 5 in the evening.

.... And I didn't even bothered to get sunscreens.

So early this month, I decided to improve my skin condition and hence I bought some beauty products, from cleansing to skin care and of course some makeup items with SPF in it. But then, I was thinking to write down my journey while testing out these products and share my future experiences with the world. So, what are better ways to do just that other than blogging?

For a start, I picked some products from THE FACE SHOP, Etude House, Skinfood, and Nature Republic or in general, Korean beauty products.. I'll be doing reviews on them so do let me know if you have tried or tested the products mentioned in this blog and let's share our knowledge on how to get the most out of these beauty items.

Oh, feel free to drop comments so I can improve myself by the way.

All products are bought by my own money, unless its stated otherwise, like samples and whatnot.

I'll see you guys next entry. Annyeong!

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