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Thursday 19 September 2013
Alright, to begin this journey towards a better skin, I decided to go to 5 different beauty shops to get the right and most accurate skin profile.

Basically I have a combination skin, oily at my T-zone and normal at my other face area. So I have to admit that choosing the right products is a little bit tricky.

But before using products with basic care function, the beauty consultants suggested to use brightening products before going for basic care products.

I don't have much trouble with my skin provided that I don't go more than 6 to 8 hours without cleansing my facial area. So, it's important to stick with the regime and try your best not to skip not even one product. Well, there's a way to shorten things for a bit but I'll get to that later.

Most of you probably know, Korean beauty regime has several stages which involve the usage of several products in each stage especially Cleansing stage.

As for right now, I'm using products mainly from TheFaceShop, some from Etude House, a little from Nature Republic and Skin Food. I went to Holika Holika yesterday only to find there's not much of product ranges for me plus I only found 2 shops, one in Sunway Pyramid and one in Berjaya Times Square. I only tried few samples from Tony Moly and It's Skin.

As I've mentioned before, Korean beauty regime has several stages which are:

First stage is Cleansing. It's very important to cleanse your face before putting on any product especially when you're layering several products in the morning and at night. It's normal to do double or triple cleansing because as of right now, I wearing CC cream and light make up after skin care. I usually do double cleansing, starting with Cleansing Cream to take off all make up residue, then I'll proceed with Cleansing Foam. Thrice a week, I'll use Massage Cream to promote better absorbent of skin care products onto my skin. I also use different Cleansing Foams for morning and evening as we don't need much of cleansing after waking up in the morning and I chose a Cleansing Foam with beads (but not as much as exfoliating scrub) that I use in the evening after all those activities we had throughout the day.

Exfoliating. Exfoliating is a must at least twice a week. You can go for a Scrub Foam or Exfoliating Wash-Off Masks.

Nose care. I usually use nose strip but I do sometimes use Nose Sheet that has two steps to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Another option is Nose Pack that's usually either have charcoal or clay ingredients in it. 

Optional stage: Special care. For this stage, you can go on and treat yourself with Masks. There are two types of mask that I currently using right now, Daily Paper Masks and Wash-Off Pack. If you intend to use Daily Paper Masks, use it after toning and follow up with your skincare routine. As for Wash-Off Mask, use it before toning. I love Wash-Off Masks more cause I can really feel the texture of the product in my hand while massaging it onto my face. There are many types of Wash-Off Masks out there so find one (or more) that suits your concerns right now. Do aware of the active ingredient and suit your skin condition. Example, Rice and Kiwi can help brightens up your skin complexion.

Next stage is skincare. Or course, there's several steps in this stage before we can wrap up and call it a day.
  1. Toning. Toning should be the last step of the cleansing stage. Clears out all residues (including your facial foams and whatnot in case you didn't rise properly. Choose a toner that suits your skin and fills your desired effects. Make sure to use proper cotton pads cause you don't want your products being absorbed excessively instead of your skin.
  2. Serum or Essence. Usually the most expensive product in any range of skin care. Why? Because it has the most concentrated of goodness in a single bottle to please your skin.
  3. Emulsion. This functions as moisturizer. Don't take this for granted just because you have oily to normal skin. This is very important to avoid our skin secretes more oil in result of the natural skin oil being stripped away after deep cleansing. Emulsions are usually being used during the day.
  4. Night cream. Like emulsion, night cream acts as moisturizer too. Usually it has multiple functions in one tub.
  5. Sleeping Mask. On those days where I'm too tired to do deep cleansing and put on my skin are products, I'll just wash my face properly, tone and put on my Sleeping Mask. You can also use Soothing Gel as sleeping mask to soothe down your flamed skin.
There are other products that can help you in battling the weather throughout the day and one of the products that has become a staple in my skincare routine is a Facial Mist. Ask any South Korean, this is one thing that all girls have in their bag. .

Alright, that's all for today. I'll tell you guys about the products that I am currently using right now on my next post. It's been 2 weeks since the semester has started and so far, my skin hasn't died on me yet. *Horror with the image of myself last semester). 

Until next post!

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