Review | Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Shine Brown

Sunday 18 September 2016
I gotta admit that I've been having this lipstick for about 2 years (I was trying really hard to remember when did I got this from mom) and it went deep into my makeup stash. I totally had forgotten about it until yesterday when I was looking for my Laneige eyeshadow kit palette that I got as a sample and that's when I saw it sitting prettily next to each other. 

The previous Holiday edition of Laneige BB Cushion is still pretty to me. I hope this year's design will be way prettier~

Product Description:

Highly moisturizing lipstick with extraordinary color payoff, as if the lips were covered in serum.

LED lipstick gives the lips a clean, and transparent sheen as if they were under a strobe light. 
Unveil your inner charm with Laneige's new Serum Intense Lipstick. 
  • High shine with excellent moisturizing properties, contains 35% serum. The lips feel moisturized, as if you have applied highly moisturizing serum, and have excellent glow. 
  • Vivid yet delicate color payoff. The moisturizing pure base and Pigment Downsizing Technology enhances the lipstick's color, giving the lips a vibrant, mesmerizing color.
  • Soft, comfortable texture that resembles cushion Big Cage Formula enhances the serum content, giving it a soft, bouncy texture when applied to the lips.
Nt. Weight: 3.5g



The lipstick is obviously in previous Laneige box design but honestly, I prefer this design compared to the new ones (I introduced my colleague to Laneige early this month and she bought the new anti-ageing cushion foundation) as the box design is quite hard to photograph. 

As you can see, there's the distributor sticker on it and if I'm not mistaken, mum bought this from Laneige counter in 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu in its retail price of RM85 excluding GST. 

Like other regular lipsticks, it's good for 18 months after opened but even after all this time, I don't notice any weird scent or any change in the colour. She probably didn't open the lipstick when she got it for me back then. 


There are 20 beautiful colours from this permanent lipstick line and I got mine in DYR Shine Brown. I gotta say that there are not much wearable shades for me as I probably gonna get this and Brilliant Red at most. Others are just too neon bright for me. 

There's the manufacturing date printed at the bottom lid of the box so do check before purchase. 


The lipstick bullet comes with that mirror-like outer casing. You totally could check out your look on it or probably fix your lips while you're at it. 

That's the 3.5g of the product. The first lipstick that I ever bought in my life was from Maybelline and I think it was in similar weight. I used it everyday and I ended up finished it within 3 months. of course, my lipstick collection grew after that and finishing a single lipstick just seems impossible. ;D

There's a product code printed at the bottom of the bullet for your reference. Especially if you're using a lipstick organiser and with that opaque lipstick case, it's hard to spot which shade is which so it's useful to have the product code printed there.


Indoor lighting

Natural lighting.

From left: LR17 Red Flame, LR05 Flash Pink, YR24 Twinkle Coral, YR25 Neon Orange (from the 4-colour lip kit) and mine in DYR35 Shine Brown

It's super moisturising for my lips and I just love how the colour payoff on my lips. The staying power is quite long even after 5 to 6 hours of talking and drinking while at work. Yes, like I said earlier, the lipstick is quite wearable for daily work and I just love how I don't need to touch up that much. 

I suggest to do lip scrub every few days if you were to use lipsticks everyday as I tend to notice that dead skin cells are piling up even faster compared to those days I only applied lip balm. The finish is definitely smoother too after a good scrub too!

Verdict: 5/5. The colour is so pretty and the price is okay I guess. Totally bias when it comes to Laneige as a brand!

Have you tried any Korean lipstick before? What's your favourite brand and colour when it comes to Korean lipsticks? Do let me know by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~!

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