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Friday 16 September 2016
So far, the only premium hijab I ever bought and wear is from TudungPeople. It all started when a classmate back university raved about a Tudung modeled by a 5th year senior in our Architecture department but the fact that the brand was founded by another senior of ours who made, designed and sold these beautiful hijab at several countries including Brunei, Singapore, Japan, Australia, UK, and Saudi Arabia amazed me so much that I became an instant fan of the brand itself. 

The first hijab that I bought are from the Maysaa and Lamia collection and then I was introduced to this premium hijab line which is Numa Luxe. 

Above are from the earlier Numa Luxe collection that was released back in February. I got mine in Sephia and Russet. You might think they're almost identical but that just lighting. Russet is slightly darker and warmer than Sephia. 

The hijab in this line are made from Poly Crepe. They're thin but still quite opaque and definitely don't require for me to wear something beneath just to cover my neck. They flow beautifully no matter what kind of style you're pulling. 

The hijab from previous collection are quite heavy and thicker compared to the new ones that I ordered (and launched at their online store) 2 weeks ago.

I got 3 colours! The first one is my current favourite which is Fairy Dust, a beautiful dusty or mauve purple. I finally found a colour that can go with my Vietnam silk-made baju kurung.

The second colour I got is Sorbet. It's a brownish with purple undertone (I think??) but honestly, I'm just so happy to that the colour matches that baju kurung as shown above as I really don't want to wear a soft blue hijab as it'll overwhelm that blue flowers. I've been trying to look for that cool purple with ashy undertone as well but not until I bought this. 

The third and the last colour that I got is that Rose Water. You know how you're not really sure of the colour of that fabric not until it arrived at your door? I didn't buy this colour to match with my baju kurung as it's more like an impulse purchase. I swear, I never buy a pink hijab in my life so the first thing I noticed about the colour when I first wore it is how it doesn't make me look washed out. It's even better when the colour actually matches my favourite lipstick of all time, NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita. 

Overall, I'm loving the releases more as they're softer than the previous ones but stiff enough for me to shape around my face. 

The colours of these hijab don't change even after so many washes already (proof that I'm juggling these 5 colours!) and the fabric quality stays the same. 

Each hijab is retailed at RM59 and Numa Luxe has become my favourite hijab line from the brand so far and I definitely gonna get more colours in the future. 

So that's all from me. If you've bought anything from the brand or if you have other brands you'd like for me to try next, do let me know by leaving comments down below. 

Until next time, salam. 

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