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Sunday 7 August 2016
As I've been busy with work as of late so I usually just obtain my beauty fixes from online. As you probably saw in my Instagram feed for the past few months. You didn't? Lucky me! haha shopaholic in the making over here. 

I guess it goes without saying that I love Korean beauty products. From the skincare products to makeup items, I've been using and loving them since late 2013. But now that I'm back in Sabah since last year, I find Korean beauty stores here are much lower in number compared to KL so I resorted to buying online instead. 

I have to admit that I rarely get Korean makeup items via online as I need to swatch on my skin to see if it the colour fits me or not, whether it suits my skin type or not.. and so many other reason a girl can give which proven by numerous Sephora visits! But that's not the case for Korean skincare products. It's much easier getting them online and have them delivered compare to going to shopping malls, dragging my feet with lots of stuffs (they're heavy by the way!).

I've discovered several number of online stores selling Korean cosmetics especially since last year and I have to say that each and every online store may have the same basic style or way of marketing their products, but some actually have unique identity to them. 

If you're pro on buying stuffs online, one of the biggest concern is definitely the shipping fee. So the first thing I noticed about is their Free Shipping policy for orders merely above US$49 which is kinda low compared to other sites. their Shipping Partners are Korea Post and EMS

But if you're buying below the minimum amount for Free Shipping, here's the list for shipping cost according to the weight of your order. 

With that, I guess it's wiser to just order above US$49. teehee~

Other than that, I also love their way of categorising their products for example like the above photo, on their Brightening category, there are bunch of products that they suggested for brightening function which is convenient especially for skincare beginners. Included in the category are both makeup and skincare for more options. 

If you notice on the left, you can filter your options by brands, your skin type, whether it's cruelty-free, etc. Oh, yes. if you're keen on joining the campaign of cruelty against the animal, they also listed the brand who are also support the campaign. 

If you're like me who love trying bestselling products whenever you want to try a certain brand, they also have Hot Sale Items category for you to check out!

That's all about it from me. Oh, I almost forgot!! You can get US$25 coupon upon registering as new member!

So feel free to click the above photo that'll bring you right to registration site. :)

Until next post, annyeong~

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