Review: Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Mist

Wednesday 26 February 2014
Hey, lovely people! It's Wednesday and today is awesome because I don't have any class! Yay! Been rolling on this bed since morning (it's almost afternoon!) so I guess let me draft few reviews today and let's see how many I can publish. hehe Please pardon the slow update as I'm pretty much busy with thousands of things lately. 

Anyway, let's warm up a bit so I guess I'm going to do a review on this product that I'm currently using, between this and my other facial mist, Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener, which is this Facial Water Vita-C Mist from Skinfood that I got from the Skinfood miniature kit in my November Haul. 

Ask any Korean girl or woman, what is one of the things that they all must have in their school bag or handbag? It's Facial mist. So yeah, why not grab them today and incorporate it on your skincare routine? 

Product Description:
A facial water mist that fills thirsty skin with vital hydrating energy of Vita C complex and Alaska glacier water. 

What is Vita C Complex? This complex delivers revitalizing hydration with effective ingredients from Vitamin C-enriched berries, which are Raspberry, Acai berry, Cranberry, and Strawberry.

Alaska Glacier Water? Alaska is on initial source of water covered with over 20,000-year old glaciers. Alaska glacier water is fresh water at mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions. 

How to use? duh. hehe
Mist over your skin right after cleansing, or whenever you feel your skin need to be refreshed. 


As you can see above, this is actually the miniature version as this came in a kit along with Carrot Cleansing Foam.  

It's in this orangey-brown mist bottle. Fit right in my hands and waist pocket. 
I usually just place this on the side of my bag. :)

Note that the manufacturing date was labelled on the sticker. 

Honestly, I love this product! It's citrusy scent is definitely refreshing especially during History 3 class. The consistency is like water so it absorbs into my skin rather quickly. 

it's always hot here in Malaysia so yeah, facial mist is considered as important part in my skincare regime. It moisturises my skin so well, most importantly on those days I spent 8 hours a day in air-conditioned room.  

Final verdict: 4/5. As I read the ingredient list carefully, this product does contains methylparaben. I'm not sure whether it's originated from the plants or preservative. I guess I'm not getting the full size of this product. 

So yeah, that's a quick review for this product. Do tell if you ever tried this product and tell me your holy grail facial mist, okay! :D

Until next post, au revoir!

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