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Friday 14 February 2014
Hello, lovelies! Finally it's weekend! hehe Do you guys have anything planned? 

Anyway, as I went through my makeup bag today I found this lip balm that I haven't used for awhile. I have more than 5 lip balms at the moment so I'm juggling those 5 literally. 

Product Description:
Softly melts on lips like the luscious jam.
Creates moisturising veil in essence type.
Cheers you up with refreshing fragrance and colour all day long!

How to use:
Put moderate amount of lip balm on lips with the spatula inside the cap 

Volume: 6g


I gotta say, this is the cutest lip balm I ever seen in my life! :D Not kidding! The pot is so cute! There's a compartment for the applicator so I don't have to worry on where to place it.

Just twist the cap and the product is housed within the bottom part of the pot. 

Look at that applicator! Love it so much! While applying the balm, I can somewhat massage my lips as well.

Texture and consistency:

The texture is indeed jam-like. For me this lip balm doesn't dry my lips and I only need to re-apply after like 3 to 4 hours.  The balm felt so soft and smooth on my lips.

I really like its scent. As I picked number 2 flavour, the Orange flavour is really appealing to me. 
if you guys don't really like strong scent on your balms, no worries as its scent not really that strong. Well, to me at least. 

Final verdict: 5/5. I love everything about this lip balm! Will definitely repurchase! Maybe I should try other flavour first which are Strawberry and Honey. 

I got this from local TheFaceShop store in Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah I think for RM32.90. I'm not sure though. I lost the receipt for this one but it should be around that price but you get this for merely around USD7 online. 

So I guess that's all for this post. Sorry as it's not really that detailed. 

I'll see you guys next post. Au revoir!

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