2 Weeks Hiatus!

Monday 3 February 2014
Hello, people!

First of all, I'm so sorry for not notifying you guys that I was actually on hiatus for 2 weeks (which ends today) as I was enjoying my semester break. Took vacation to the other side of Malaysia, went to an awesome duty-free Federal Territory of Labuan island, and went back to see grandma. All in all it was an awesome break as I get to spend quality time with family.

I'm back in campus, uni started yesterday and I can tell everyone in my studio aren't excited. haha We're still in holiday mood, I guess.

Anyway, bad things happened just now. When I restarted my PC, I don't know what happened, I lost all my important software like AutoCAD, Photoshop, even my iTunes. Oh, crap! I seriously want to banh my head on the wall right now. Sigh. Thank God I didn't lose my photos for my reviews.

During the vacation, I also lost my Molang Diary, where I wrote all plans for this blog. All tracked items, all draft reviews. Sigh. All my wish-lists.

I guess I'm going to need to do the inventory again so it's gonna take awhile.

I hope I can start doing my reviews probably by tonight or tomorrow.

Wish me luck for this semester, okay!

P.S. I'm going to announce my very first giveaway after I'm done with inventory. Stay tuned!

xx, Mira
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