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Thursday 10 October 2013
Like I have mentioned in my previous post before, I use Massage Cream thrice a week and so far, one month into Korean beauty regimen, I massage my face at least twice a week. I'm crazy busy so there are nights when I just did double cleansing and put on sleeping mask.

I got this Rice Water Bright Massage Cream for free cause I spend over RM300 in a single transaction at THE FACE  SHOP beauty store in KL Festival City Mall, KL. The beauty assistants there are the best I ever experience with so far. Friendly, very informative and I gotta say, they love their job. Totally reflecting the brand's natural beauty image.

Moving on to the Product Description

Rice water is the white water that comes out when washing rice and was popularly used by the women living in the court in the Joseon Dynasty. 
Rich in vitamin B and minerals and has excellent moisture absorbing and brightening effects making skin more dewy and luminous.
Rice Water Massage Cream uses Yeoju rice that is a certified organic rice that has not used chemical fertilizer for more than 3 years 
Contains adenosine for improving fine lines

It's mentioned in their website that this massage cream contains ingredient for improving fine lines. This is definitely I'm going for! I'm 25 years old and I need to start using anti-aging products. Gold star!


How to use:

After Cleansing and Toning (why after toning? Cause this product is going to help your products to be absorbed better after this), scoop out appropriate amount of cream and spread it evenly around your face area. You can use your hands and do rolling massage methods or you can use facial massager role for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.


Different kind of lid compared to Cleansing Cream one. I like this better cause it's much easier to take off the plastic lead.

Like the Cleansing Cream from the same line, this one too, in a tub. I don't have issue with this so if you guys are getting this, do remember to grab proper spatula to scoop out the cream onto your hand. Using clean fingers works too but I don't recommend it due to hygiene reason.
The color of the tub is the same hue as other products from the same line so I'm cool with it.


Slightly thick texture but I'm okay with it. Plus, you're gonna wash your face after massage. Though I have normal-oily skin, I still love its oily texture! As you massage the product, it won't turned into oil as fast as the cleansing cream but once it's turned, that's when I feel so heaven! Massaging a cream with a nice fresh and calming scent like this? If only I have more free time....

Overall, I love this Massage Cream. Repurchase? Well, I will once I finished the 2 tubs that were given to me. But it seems to me that even one tub is already taking a long time to finish, I guess by the time I finished them, THE FACE  SHOP probably released new cleansing line.

So yes, this is one of the product I use while pampering myself after completing one minor design project and using this as a motivation to keep getting up and do my work.

Do you use massage cream? Do tell cause I would love recommendations from you guys!

Till next time, annyeong~
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