Review | Etude House Belle Dress Body Set Lovely Look

Thursday 17 October 2013
Today I'll be reviewing this Belle Dress Body Set in Lovely Look by Etude House.

Let's wear what we feel like to wear! Dress up!

Product Description:
It has the flower perfume complex that builds up lovely feeling as if wearing a chiffon dress freshly out of the dress room with the body perfume that sustain its scent all day long.
The set contains moisturising ingredients. 

The set comes with 300ml Body Wash and 300ml Body Lotion, plus with the extra little freebies that come in these cute packaging. Actually, above is somewhat stated on the box. It was in totally broken English. So I tried to improvise a little bit though I failed. haha


To be honest, I got this body set early this year, cause I fell in love with the packaging at the first sight. Though weirdly I am not really into Etoinette Princess-ey concept.


Looks so cute, right? Bell-shaped, with classic pattern, nice purple hue, with golden pumps, so elegant! It's just that it's made of plastic, but it won't be as practical if it's glass as I might broke them in the bathroom. LOL


The miniatures are in tubes, so it's easier to travel with. 

Formulated with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and mineral water, the flower perfume ingredients, which are Rose, Jasmine with Musk, maintain a refreshing scent all day.

To me it has a pale scent of lavender, which I like cause I only love strong scent of lavender on scented candles so this one is great. It's simple, girlish, with a slight hint of sophistication. Just elegant.


This is the body wash. Love the light gel texture. I do need a change from my other creamy shower cream sometimes. Especially during the weekends when I don't need to go out and just stay in my dorm all day. 


As for the body lotion, I really like it as it moisturises my skin right after I went out of shower. It's not sticky and absorbed into my skin quickly. Gold star! As I use it in the morning, it really lighten up my mood. So simple as I only have to use two things. No need to add on perfume. Personally I love lavender so this one is awesome. When I told my friends about this, they suggested to try the shower cologne as well. Huh. Maybe I should get it on my next visit to Etude House. 

Have you guys tried this before? If so, feel free to share your thoughts and drop some comments. 

Until next post, toodles!

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