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Thursday 3 October 2013
Hello, beautiful people! So I made it through with my first review on THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam yesterday so today I want to continue with another review of a product from the same line which is its Cleansing Cream.

Honestly, the first time I saw cleansing cream was when it's used is in Cinderella's Step Sister, starring Moon Geun Young where her mother in that drama, just came back from meeting another guy and while sitting in front of her big mirror, Moon Geun Young's character's step father came while she was putting on the cream on her face and quickly wipe it away with tissue. I gotta admit, to me, that short scene really had became a brain teaser as to "why would she wipe away a moisturiser?". I was totally clueless about beauty products back then.  

Let's get back the product. 

To those who're familiar with Cleansing Creams, maybe this product might be just another product to you. To me, who discovered about this amazing product about a month ago still in shock every time I looked at the tissue after wiping away all the dirt off my face. 

Basically, I don't wear eye-shadow or lipstick i.e. point makeup as I only use sunscreen, CC cream or BB cream and loose powder so I guess I won't be needing Lip and Eye Remover, right? 

Actually, for someone who has normal-oily skin like me, I should go for Cleansing Milk from the same line but it was out of stock at that time so I'll try it next time.

Product Description:

THE FACE  SHOP Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream is a moisturising, brightening and detoxifying cleansing cream made with rice water and Moringa oil. 


Check out its ingredients from the inner label.

This is one of the thing why I love these things. A white plastic lid came with the tub. So don't worry as it won't spill in your luggage bag. Be sure to screw the outer lid though.

Make sure to use spatula (not in the picture) to scoop out the product. One tub of 200ml can last for a good 3-4 months so you don't want to contaminate yours. Use your fingers ONLY if you're really sure that they're clean enough. Though I won't recommend for you guys to do so. Totally unhygienic.

How to use?
First, by using the spatula, take sufficient amount onto your hands and spread the product evenly onto your face. Massage for about two minutes or until the cream turned into oily substance. Then, wipe of everything using facial tissues. 

Here's a demonstration for you. Do tell me if there's something missing, yeah?

As for right now, I'm juggling between these two BB cream.

Place appropriate amount of product on the area you want to clean. 

If you guys noticed, the creamy product will turned into oily texture. Which means it has blended with your makeup and ready to be wiped away~


Voila! All is gone. I tried this with other makeup bases like foundations and so far it removes everything. Follow this step with Cleansing Foam.

Overall I really love this cleansing cream. I tried THE FACE  SHOP Herb Day Cleansing Cream in Aloe and Green Tea but I'm loving this more. 

- Cleansed my face thoroughly.
- Nice scent! Like other sister product in the line. 
- Brightens up my complexion instantly and made my face appeared to be softer. 
- Price is quite affordable. Retailed at RM39.90, I bought this with 15% discount.

- The tub is super huge. It's hard to travel with. Unless it's being placed in small containers. 
- No spatula provided. Well, just get a separated one for yourself. 

So, that's a wrap! If you guys have any thought on this product, do drop some comments and share your experience or give recommendations on similar products. 

Until next post! Cheerios!

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