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Tuesday 15 October 2013
Today I'm gonna review one of the foam cleanser I have that I use almost everyday in the afternoon, especially on those days I feel the need to freshen up or desperately need to let my skin to breath. 

Basically, Etude House released 2 types of foam for this cleansing line, Happy Essential Foam and Happy Fresh Foam. 

Image from KpopTown. Do check them out to get the latest pricing on this product!
Happy Essential Foams as are formulated with 40% moisturizers, they foams luxuriously into a very creamy and fluffy foams. Most recommended for those who have dry and dry-normal skin. There are 3 choices, which are:
  • Vitamin C that promotes skin brightening. 
  • Collagen that promotes skin resilience (firmness)
  • Hyaluronic Acid that promotes skin hydration 
Happy Fresh Foams are formulated with 10% sebum absorbers and 20% moisturizers, and these foams can give you refreshing feeling, as they remove impurities and unclog your pores. Recommended for those with oily an oily-normal skin. There are 2 choices which are:
  • Witch Hazel that promotes skin refinement 
  • White Clay that can help to eliminate excess sebum (oil) and reduce shine. 
Since I have normal to oily skin, I opted for Happy Fresh Foams and for today, I'll be reviewing the one in Witch Hazel


Let's go to Product Description. 

Happy Cleansing Foam by Etude House is a cleansing range of moisturizing cleansing foams, each targeting a specific skin type or problem and intended for daily use. 
These foam cleansers will rejuvenate your skin and remove excess oils and impurities

Net capacity: 150ml


Etude House paste the English translation over the Korean wordings. Yay!
No parabens! Which is great, right? Stearic Acid, an ingredient which most deep cleansing foams have. 
I'm not sure about other ingredients, though. 

How to use: Wet your face. Squeeze small amount into your palm and rub hands together to form lather. Massage over face avoiding the eye area, then rinse thoroughly.

You can use the facial sponge to foam them or you can just use your hands before washing your face with it. But I love using the sponge as it'll be really foamy but get this, it won't dry out your skin! Also, after I foamed it, I'll use it together with my Wonder Pore Brush. ^_^



All cleanser foams have the same packaging, though of course they have different colours to differentiate one from another. The plastic tube has matte finish and I love holding them in my hand.


Before it turned into white fluffy foam, it's in grey-ish colour and I can feel the small beads in it. I have to admit, the consistency is thick like a paste so it's quite hard to squeeze them out after a while. The beads are not big enough to really exfoliate dead skin cells but this can really help in deep cleansing, which fit its purpose to me, as I'm using this cleanser on those days when I need to wash my face in the afternoon i.e. lunch hour. 

The beauty assistant where I bought this from said that I can use this everyday. So I did for the first week. Turned out I got minor break out and then I realised that this cleanser does give me a little bit squeaky clean feeling so I decided not to use this as regular as before and so far it's working great. 

Note that you only need to squeeze a little of the product cause it'll foam luxuriously, and also to avoid from your face natural oil being stripped away which can lead to more secretion of sebum. 

Overall, I love this cleanser. It does its job, and the powdery scent is really appealing to me. I bought this during Merdeka Sale with Buy 1 Free 1 promotion so I got 2 with the price of RM29.90 from Etude House 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The only Etude House beauty bar in my hometown. 

As for the White Clay variant, I'll use it once I'm finished with this product.

Until next time, annyeong~

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