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Monday 2 April 2018

For the upcoming week's morning routine, I'd be indulging myself in these products and I'm still using the Innisfree Whitening Pore Facial Cleanser (this is like the last time I'm gonna use it as I already cut out the top of the tube)Skin and Cream from last month. These are good for normal to oily skin people like me who wants brightening and pore reducing effect at the same time although I have to say that this whole skincare line does performs rather averagely to me at this point of using them.

I've just opened my second and last bottle of that second upgrade of LANEIGE Clear C Advanced Effector and I'm going to say outright that this product is my Holy Grail product. I've already purchased the latest version of this product and I just can't wait to see the difference. This helps in maintaining smooth texture of my skin and allows the rest of my skincare absorbed better or faster.

As this skincare line doesn't offer much hydration to my skin, I usually add a simple sheet mask to my routine so for today's that would be that My Beauty Diary Black Pore Brightening Black Mask. I'm loving this range of sheet mask from the brand and literally hoarded boxes of it.

I've started using that Biore UV Perfect Protect Milk (Moisture) sunscreen around February and I'm quite liking the smooth and matte finish. It doesn't really have white cast whatsoever and is great under makeup.

I guess that's all for today's skincare diary. I'll see you guys on my next post. Annyeong~

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