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Wednesday 18 April 2018

I’ve got liquid lipsticks, tints, lip crayons but the most that I wear are lipsticks. Rosy, mauve pinks and browns are my absolute everyday colours.

When it comes to lip products, I've got my first lipstick at the age of 25 and that was 5 years ago. Of course, I went with light pink that washed me out like crazy but I didn't know any better. Along with that, I also bought some Etude House lipsticks which was caused by its super cute packaging but the colours are so bright and at some point I'm like why in heaven the colours look so pretty on other people???  

Then, my BFF brought me to SEPHORA for the first time around 2014 and it was amazing! I've got to learn which colours suit me best and I quickly went on the hunt for the ultimate nude lipsticks. I did found it but ever since I've finished it, I just never had the chance to repurchase my NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita. 

I did played around with MAC Cosmetics for a little bit but I just want to avoid non-cruelty free brands as much as I can so both Persistence and Whirl are the firsts and last lipstick I ever get from the brand. They're pretty but I'm not going to repurchase them. 

I also indulged a little bit with liquid lipsticks from tarte and I do like them it's just I'm more on bullet lipsticks hence the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks! I've got the mauve rose colours and muted pinks. I love them! 

Lip tints are fun except when to remove them as I'll be needing a legit cleansing oil for it but they are the ones that can actually give me that cherry-kissed lips that I love.

I love buying lip pencils too and those three are not the only ones that I have as I have their backups too! Especially that Essence lip pencil in Frappucino! They sold out so quickly at drugstore, Watsons as they're so affordable and actually works so well!

I guess that's all about it! I won't be making swatches as these are pretty  much well-known makeup items so I'm sure you'll find them around the internet. If you can't, just let me know and I'll be happy to share them with you.

Until next post, annyeong~
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