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Wednesday 5 October 2016

This is the last variant for me to try from the MasCream sheet line and there's a reason why it's the last one and I only bought one sheet for it. Let's just be honest here; although the whole snail in skincare trend has been going for like several years, I have never tried any product made off the snail mucus extracts. Why? You guessed it right. It's gross! LOL But then, in the name of Beauty, I've tried it and yes, I'm loving it!

Product Description:

Drenched in premium resilience cream with filtrated Snail Mucus delivers intense resilience and nourishment to tired skin.

How to Use: Unfold the mask and carefully place masks on your freshly cleansed face. Avoid the eye and mouth contours. Remove after 10-20 minutes and tap gently on skin until the cream is completely absorbed.


Like I mentioned previously, this and the Goat Milk variant comes in that metallic colour probably to distinguish this from other variants, telling us that the two are premium variants hence more expensive from the regular Nourishing, Firming, Brightening and Moisturising variants.

There's the English product description at the lower part at the back side of the packaging. There's also the Distributor Sticker as I bought this from a local THE FACE SHOP store here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The date printed is the expiry date. 

The sheet is the same microfibre sheet that hold the essence so well while it being absorbed into my skin. The size just fits my face and the holes aren't that far off. I love it how I managed to smoothen out the air bubbles with this one. 

The cream for this mask isn't as thick as other variants too, it's slightly lighter and the scent is like a baby shower cream. Indeed there's ample amount of cream on the sheet and in the pocket so I just massage whatever's left on my neck area. 


From what I know, Snail Mucus are known for its anti-ageing properties i.e. it can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, protect skin from free radicals, soothe skin, repair damaged tissues and restore hydration. It can also be used to treat dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks, acne and rosacea, age spots, burns, and scars. As I've only been focusing on moisturising and brightening products, I never had the interest to try Snail filtrate skincare not until this year as I started to incorporate one or two things for anti-ageing purposes into my skincare routine. 

Overall, I love this variant! Not only it moisturises my skin after usage, I feel that my skin texture improved a lot! It's smoother and makeup turned out really well the next day. I was expecting weird scent to it but no! It smells so nice throughout the time I was using it. 

Final verdict: 5/5. This is retailed at RM15.70 at the store and yes, it's quite expensive for a one-time use of sheet mask therefore I'd like to recommend for you to grab this during sale. Well, I hardly bought anything at Retail Price anyway.

Do let me know if you've tried any of the variant from this sheet mask line or anything skincare based on Snail mucus filtrate by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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