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Sunday 16 October 2016
It's been about a year since I started incorporating one or two products of anti-ageing skincare into my routine and other than sheet masks that I used every few days, I also just started using my first anti-ageing serum. While I was 'hunting' for a new product to try, the one thing I'm concerned about the most is the texture. I have normal to oily skin so I don't like waiting extra minutes for thick products to be properly absorbed into my skin or having a makeup meltdown in the middle of the day resulted by unbalanced moisture level in my skin hence I need a new serum that is light in texture. 

I got like 10 sachets of this serum from THE FACE SHOP while I was in the store months ago so I started using it and got hooked with its nice scent and how soft it's making my skin after using it for a week. 

Product Description:
  • A 5-in-1 anti-aging essence that contains concentrated energy from the embryo and oil ingredients of black seed.
  • 5 types (resilience, fine lines, nutrition, skin texture, radiance) of anti-aging care.
  • Highly concentrated must-have essence.
  • Black seed oil comes in an elastic texture that absorbs into the skin as soon as applied which create resilient, firm skin.
  • Delivers synergy effect with Mango Seed Butter (suggested product) used in the next stage of skincare.
  • 7 free formula / GMO Free seeds
  • Anti-aging functional cosmetic.
Capacity: 60ml

If you're keen on reading, here's a link to an article how Black Seed has the potential to cure lots of diseases and whatnot but one thing that amazed me is the fact that ingredient's earliest record of cultivation and use come from ancient Egypt.



First, let's talk about packaging. The serum comes with that natural colour-themed box packaging. I love green only in that particular shade and it's perfect that it has cream background. You actually flip the front part of the box to reveal more info on the product but unfortunately, they are all in Korean. Still, you get the gist from the visual representation. I remember Nature Republic have similar box material, that it's made of recycled papers. 


On the side of the box, you can see more details on the products - in English and French. You can open the photos in new tab to see them closely.


Now, the bottle. It's in that beautiful green monochrome colour and made of glass. It's kind of heavy for its size but it's small so I don't mind traveling with it. 


I just love that it comes with a pump which is just perfect for hygiene reason. It dispenses the right amount for my whole facial area as well. 

There's the expiry date printed at the bottom of the bottle so just remember or note down on your planner the exact date you opened the product and use it within 12 months. 



The serum has that slight yellow colour and the texture when it's first dispensed is thicker than I anticipated but once spread, it's easily absorbed and doesn't leave me with sticky feeling or texture just like you see on the most right photo. For my night routine, I removed my makeup, cleansed and toned my skin with Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water then I massaged the serum in for like a minute before moving on with my day moisturiser, Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream also from the brand. 

By the way, I read an interesting info on Chia Seed. As a superfood, chia seeds boast an impressive amount of fatty Omega-3 oil (the richest plant-source in the world) as well as containing three times the anti-ageing antioxidants as blueberries. It’s no surprise that this little seed would end up anchoring an entire Korean skin care line harnessing those qualities into topical treatments that promise to hydrate and improve the skin. (Link not sponsored)

After about 4 weeks of using this serum, my skin appear to be softer and slightly improved in texture. I don't get breakouts or anything nor seeing brightening effect like other reviewers claim to be. Just me, I guess. The serum also has slight herbal scent to it.

Final verdict: 4/5. Minus point because of how exaggerated in price this was sold at the store which is over RM100 but I'm thankful as they were having clearance sale at the store and I got this around RM50 even with GST. That said, I have to let you guys know that it seems that the product is being discontinued therefore I can't put the link to get this from THE FACE SHOP Malaysia online store.

Let me know if you have suggestion on similar products or a nice anti-ageing serum for me to try next by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~

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