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Friday 15 April 2016

Now that I'm currently stationed in an office, I need to have certain beauty items on my desktop so I don't have to reach for my handbag or backpack (I sometimes bring my MacBook with me) everytime I need to refresh myself. 

The one thing that I reached out for the most during my working hours is my hand cream. That My Castle Hand Cream I got from Etude House last January is my current favourite. There are three other variants but I'm in the mood for pink and sweetness right now (since February actually!) so I started with that variant. It's pudding-like and spread on my hands softly and the scent stays for few hours before I have to reapply. My hands tend to get dry quickly probably from flipping papers and air-conditioner so I do need something to help with that. 

The second thing I need the most is my facial mist. I've placed my Aritaum x Sticky Monster Lab Babyface Mist in Collagen in my other handbag and place this Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist (reviewed here!on my desktop instead as I know I'll be running out of this rather quickly compared to my precious collagen-based facial mist. This green tea-based mist gives me moisture boost instantly especially in the middle of the day. 

Next item is that Perfumed Body Mist in Rose Water from The Face Shop. If you didn't know, I've always been obsessing with Cherry Blossom-scented beauty products for so long but I was looking for a new scent to get into and I remember getting a rose facial mist from Melvita last year and loved it so much so I picked this up for a start when I was in the store last month. The scent for this body mist is quite strong at first spritz then it softens down until it fades after couple or more hours. It's only 60ml for RM35.95 and I'm left with only a third after a month and a half. I guess I'm gonna grab this during sale next time. 

I picked up several items from drugstore (I'll post about it on my next Haul post!) last week and I'm quite intrigued to try a powder foundation (I've tried the ones from Bare Minerals but it's quite expensive for full-sized) from Kate Tokyo in Watsons. Of course, I grabbed its sister product, a liquid foundation but I thought a powder foundation would be great on days I just want to apply a sunscreen and have some coverage. I'll definitely come up with a full review soon. 

I usually prefer nude colours for lipsticks while working and I'm actually about to finish that NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita as I do love it's rose mauve shade and it's the perfect nude colour for me. Thinking to get a replacement for it so I guess the hunt for a similar shade gonna start soon. Do you have any suggestion? Let me know. I found a dupe list here though

When my lips are dried or when my lipstick just not working properly, I apply that Dear Girls Lip Balm from Etude House excessively and let it sit for like 15 minutes before wiping it off with tissue and then dampen it a little with water before drying it off again and apply my favourite lipstick. 

Of course, I need to have mouth freshener or mint on my desk. I usually get these from drugstores as there are wider selections to choose from. 

I love having scented facial tissue so that Kleenex tissue is actually a range of facial tissues that is sprayed with natural blend of Rose essential oil. I received a sample from the company via Facebook before and got hooked since then. I alternately buy this and Cherry Blossom variant. Love them both!

So these are all of my current desktop essential items! It helps me staying comfy at my desk all day and it's just so easy to refresh myself with these. Of course, getting myself a cup of coffee can never go wrong but this is actually one of my efforts to reduce my caffeine consumption. 

That's all of it! I hope this post helps but do let me know if you have suggestion to add to my list by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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