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Monday 4 April 2016

Last night, I posted the above photo on my Instagram and I thought, why not make a post about it? :) So, if you're wondering, no... that's not all of my scrub and wash-off mask stash. Most of them either in packs or capsules that I placed in the fridge (I really love putting on cool cucumber or bamboo masks) but these are the ones that don't require me to keep them cool. 

If you didn't know, my skin is Normal to Combination so I require some clay mask to keep my sebum control at balance, mask to remove occasional blackheads, and scrub which is my favourite kind of wash-off mask.

For clay mask, I've been a big fan of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask or its sister Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask that helps in making sure my skin is clean and all kinds of residue are being cleared off my pores. I love these two, absolute classic among its fan. I use either of these two twice a week. If I were to have meetings in the morning, I usually slather on some of Skinfood Egg White Pore Wash-Off Mask for like 15 minutes and wash it off before applying my makeup. My pores are minimised with this step, helps me with my oily T-zone, makes my makeup lasts longer without having to touch up.

For my blackheads, I use Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm that help in melting the blackheads around my nose before I use nose strips. I honestly swear by this method, or I sometimes cover my nose area with hot towel (microwaved or just wet with hot water) just to open pores before slapping on the nose strips. Totally works better.

For dead skin cells care, I really love scrubbing them off with Skinfood Black Sugar Wash-Off Masks. To date, the brand released several versions of the mask, first is of course the original version, just Black Sugar which is quite harsh for me so I was looking for similar masks but then came out the Strawberry version which its scent is divine for me, not too harsh but still works, then there was the 10th anniversary limited edition with Gold specks in it which its sugar grains is finer compared to the original one, then recently there's a more moisturising Honey version which later being repackaged with Snoopy cartoon character which is something I really need right now as my skin is a little bit on the drier side with less drinking during the day plus the air-conditioning in the office is literally hitting my face head-on. I love all of them still.

But out of all of my scrubs (including the ones in tubes - I know! Trying my best to finish all of 'em!), I love Skinfood Rice Wash-Off Mask the most! I love how it's instantly brighten up my skin, the scent is really nice to me, I sometimes let the mask sit on my face for few minutes after I'm done with massaging for like 15 minutes before I rinse off with cool water. Though it's probably summer in your country right now but here in Malaysia, it's the towards the middle of the year which happens to be rainy season so it's humid but sometimes it's hot outside but my office is really cold.. so my skin gets dry and flaky so all of these wash-off masks are actually my skin saviour.

So that's a quickie on my most-used products for the past month. I hope you find this post helpful so do leave comments if you have a favourite or if you're willing to suggest me any product that actually works on your skin.

Until next post, annyeong~
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