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Monday 7 March 2016
I've been loving eye makeup for the past few months and one thing that I needed the most other than eye makeup brushes is indeed an eye primer.

The main reason is to make eye makeup last even longer, not to crease or disappear after few hours. There are several types of eye primer, some are transparent, some with a little colour but still doesn't show on your lids, some are highly pigmented to amp up the colour of the eyeshadow that you want to layer it with while some have skin-like colour to really smooth out or blur your eyelid lines and imperfections. Yes, these are the ones you can get in Urban Decay Primer Potions which I got as samples with a purchase of their Naked Smoky palette. I love them all but almost RM100 for an eye primer that can only be used for 6 months? I definitely need an alternative to that especially I'm still practicing where lots of applying and removing eye makeups are happening as I try to get my desired blend of shadows. 

As I only been into makeup starting last year, I haven't really made my research on the best products for Korean makeup as I've been only making myself a frequent visitor to Sephora. Who doesn't love swatching makeup there?

So please don't be surprised as I only discovered this eye primer via one of my favourite YouTuber, meejmuse (who put this product with a Holy Grail status) like the end of last year and got my hands on it via a personal shopper in Seoul - not that this wasn't sold locally but I was getting some other stuffs as well. 

Product Description:
Proof 10 Eye Primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow color and integrity for a longer lasting, Perfect 10 look.

How to Use: Use fingers to gently apply primer to upper and lower eyelids prior to eyeshadow application. Also applicable to eye lines prior to eyeliner application.

Volume: 10g.



The product comes in that blue box and as you can tell, it's not really that cute compared to other Etude House's products which is pretty much the same as other products from the brand that were released since way back. 

There's full English description at one side of the box now that's a relief. It's printed at the bottom that this product is to be used only 6 months after opened. 

Now this is something I was kinda surprised when I found out about it that the expiration date was printed at the bottom of the box, NOT on the product itself so do check carefully at the store prior buying. 

The product is housed within this container (I honestly don't know what to call it!) with a transparent container which hold the product and a wand with blue handle. 

The applicator is in the shape of doe-foot and it's similar to lip gloss applicator. The product is in that creamy, peachy beige colour with semi cream texture. 


Left: Naked eyelid. Right: After I spread evenly 3 dots of the product. As you can see, it's actually almost transparent and gives a matte finish. 

That's when I applied one layer of eyeshadow. I usually use that colour as my base colour. 

Verdict: 5/5. 

Overall, I'm in love with this product. If you're looking for a basic transparent eye primer, this is the one. It truly holds my shadows so well and I'm someone with oily eyelids to begin with. This product has a stick version which you can apply at your lower eyelash, for that smoky look so I'm planning to get that next. 

This is retail at RM42 at local Etude House store here in Malaysia and merely KRW5500 (~RM20). For international readers, you can get this product from the Official Etude House website here. (Non-affiliate link).

I guess that's all from me so do let me know your thoughts on this product. Tell me your favourite eye primer of all time too!

Until next post, annyeong~

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