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Sunday 19 May 2024

Presenting my first capsule wardrobe. While I've only been wearing mostly blacks and whites for my daily work outfit, I've started adding beige and browns to my repertoire recently.

For tops, I've always been faithful to my UNIQLO white shirts so I've added cream blouses from Poplook and Tucz this time so I can have more options. Although I'm not loving the satin material, they do help in soften the formal looks for meeting clients outside the office buildings. I'd be changing into my favourite cotton graphic t-shirts from UNIQLO whenever I want to hangout with my guy friends in the evening.

As I rarely buy clothes in physical UNIQLO stores due to their plus sizes only available via online, it took me a like second to grab the last piece of that trench coat as soon as I've tried it on myself. I've been wanting for one in that particular colour for years and I had to wear it as I spent more than 6 hours sorting my luggage at KLIA recently so money well splurged indeed. I took some time off my schedule during the trip to hunt for a beige blazer and I've found one that I really like but it was pointed to me that I also need one on black hence I got another one from Tucz. There are several choice available at Suria Sabah branch and I went with one that has 2 buttons. On days that I need to run errands or going for site visits, I'd be sure to bring that utility parka with me; I actually got two in dark olive and wine a couple years ago and I remember that I wore them almost every day during this time of the year so I got another two in that light beige and pink this time around.

Now for bottoms, I went from black khaki pants that I've been wearing for the past several years to those stretchy straight-cut pants from Poplook in different materials to match with my tops to have a much more feminine looks. I've also been obsessed with that linen pants from UNIQLO for my outings with family as well as that parachute pants made of nylon with UV protection technology also from the same brand. 

It has been raining almost every day these days so I just had to add sandals to this lineup along with those black loafers and kitten-heeled pumps for office, buckle-strap heeled mules in chalk white for coffee date with my girlfriends and I've been loving those sneakers from FILA lately even though I can only wear them indoors i.e. window shopping as it's partially made with suede.

So that's my current capsule wardrobe at least for another couple of months which give me a lot of combo and save me hours of getting ready in the morning. I'd totally recommend for you guys to do this too if you have trouble going through your wardrobe while looking for what to wear for your daily outfit like myself. 

4 comments on "Log | Capsule Wardrobe "
  1. I love your capsule wardrobe! Beiges and browns are so chic xx

    Lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. currently obsessed with beiges and light browns! Thanks for reading <3

  2. So chic options, thanks for your sharing

    1. you're welcome and that's what I'm going for! Thanks for reading <3


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