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Tuesday 21 January 2020

As I have previously reviewed a product from the SKIN1004, I want to share another one that has kept me interesting onto their brand which is this wash-off mask in the form of a soap and it is actually made with cocoon extract.

If you are not familiar with what cocoon extracts are good for, apparently it is featured in many pore-tightening and clarifying sheet masks with some even claim to give a firming effect on skin.

Now, firming one’s skin might sounds a bit over the top but clearing the pores out of impurities without drying out the skin is something that I’m looking for. Clay and charcoal wash-off masks are traditionally good for blackheads and whiteheads too but these ingredients tend to dry out my skin even more so I’m down for a much gentler option.

High points of this mask-soap!

Skin1004 highlighted that the Silk Cocoon Extract supposedly cleanse the skin gently, tighten enlarged pores by removing dead skin cells and blackheads to visibly enhance skin firmness.

This mask-in-soap also contains the brand’s signature ingredient, Centella Asiatica; its component, the Madecassic acid which is known for its ability in suppressing inflammation therefore is great for acne-prone skin. Argan Oil is known for its function in replenishing the skin nutrients that allows to treat and prevent acne scarring.

The cleanser comes in 100g size so I estimated that this actually lasts for about 4 months, used twice daily.

Ingredients list:

Purified Water, Cocoon Extract, Argan Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Oleate, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Myristate, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Hydroxide, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance



The facial cleanser comes in a box with sufficient English product description printed on the sides of the box for your reference.


The expiry date is printed at the side of the bo in YYYYMMDD (year-month-day) format.

There is instruction on how to use the soap mask printed on the inner lid of the box both in English and Korean for your convenience.


The soap was covered with a thin white wrapping paper and sealed with the brand sticker across the knot. Although you do not have to worry as it is actually fully covered with clear plastic wrapper inside; I’m assuming for hygiene and quality purposes. The soap was debossed with the product’s name right in the center of it.



You can simply lather up the soap by running some water with it and get decent amount of foam within seconds but I would prefer to use a bubble maker like I’ve shown above to get more foam and bubbles.

The foam is lightweight and it feels so fluffy on skin! It is easy to rinse off in a sense that it is not too soapy, so it takes less time and water.

It has a mild scent to it so it doesn’t bother me much but I think it’s still tolerable if you’re not into fragrance-containing skincare products.


I’d like to highlight that I always use this mask soap as a morning cleanser. It is not that I don’t trust this product to wash away excess of makeup removers in the evening but after using this for over couple of months, I find that this mask soap doesn’t make my dehydrated skin drier even I were to take my time after rinsing off the lather and dried my face with towel.

But the pore-minimising effect gets me every single time. My skin looks smoother and softer to touch after every wash. Thanks to Centella Asiatica contained in it, my redness area somewhat reduced or does not look inflamed or irritated (which is usually happened with cleansing bars) at the very least.

I considered this wash-off mask as a mild exfoliating cleanser therefore I always follow up with layers of hydrating toner and use lightweight moisturiser as a sealant to my routine prior sunscreen or base makeup application.

Overall, I give this product 5/5. It works well even during my sensitive skin days. My normal skin with oily T-zone feels comfortable and as you see in the above photo, I do have a backup for it.

How to store this mask soap is depends on your liking but for hygienic purposes, I either just simply let the mask soap in the bubble maker and hang it on the wall just like that but once it dried out, I’ll keep it in a ceramic case (plastic will do too!) to avoid water contamination in between uses as shown above.

I saw in their official Korean website that you can simply use the soap for about 10 seconds but I’d say, take a good 30 to 60 seconds of massaging your facial area with it before rinsing it off. This product is definitely unique compared to others I have encountered before; including non-Cica products so that’s actually quite interesting.

I guess that's all from me so definitely let me know if you have tried anything from SKIN1004 before as I'd like to try more from the brand. I'll see you guys on my next post ! Annyeong~

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