Of New Year and Instagram

Wednesday 1 January 2020

I know it's weird to post Best Nine of 2019 here in my blog but hey! I just want to take this time to brag to the lot of you here, showing off my posts with the most engagement i.e. Likes and Comments.... no, I don't. Not really. Why? Let me just break it down for you by telling the stories behind each and every of the post above, quickly I promise. 

I'm gonna go by going from the bottom right to the left towards the top simply because I want to. 
  1. My first bathroom #shelfie ever! | I have to admit, I needed to clean out so many unrelated things on that very shelf right before lining my opened makeup removers, facial cleansers and at the bottom shelf, my shower creams, shampoos and whatnot. Took me about an hour before I can actually take a decent photo but I'll say this, Sunday afternoon that's well-spent.
  2. My lineup of products that by far is the most solid routine for sensitive skin days. | In my days as beauty blogger, I need to try and test many products with some goes into my routine permanently (till I actually finished them), some give me breakouts that I usually giveaway to people who want to take the risk, some doesn't do much to my skin that I usually just finish by using on my arms and legs while some products that thoroughly help my skin in terms of repairing my damaged skin barrier, smoothing out the dead flaky skin which deserves to be repurchased till the day I die or as long as I need it to. More than half of the products lined up above included in the last category.
  3. Althea launched their budget-friendly face masks | let's just be honest. I was an Althea Angel i.e. ambassador and I love sheet masks. Couldn't be happier while hoarding these!
  4. the beginning of my obsession with layering serums in my skincare routine | Started with the two and now I can even layer up to 4 serums whenever I have extra time or how sleep-deprived I actually am before beginning my night skincare routine.
  5. Sponsored post for a local brand | All I'm saying the product is merely average but for price point and choice of colours for Malaysian skin tone, okay la.
  6. #pinkwednesday and I can't feel more girlier than that post | I don't own a lot of products in pink bottles but when I gathered most that I have in a single pic like that, I feel cute. haha indulge me!
  7. Beauty fridge. | Oh dear. so I bought this beauty fridge simply because I want to get back to using sheet mask on daily basis but then I ended up filling it with my toners and toners and more toners. haha i didn't think much of how this going to affect my whole engagement but yeah. My followers seems to like this beauty trend.
  8. Krave Beauty family portrait | I'd say I had the worst FOMO fever when Krave release their moisturiser! I bought it the second it's launched on their Global site and dipped my hands (nope, spatula!) into it the second it arrived at my door.
  9. My biggest collaboration, the first one through a PR company | OMG, I still can't believe Clarins picked me to receive their best-selling serum. I love it so much! I'm trying my best to finish my other serums so I can get back to using this, really. Also, dual-phase serum is mind-blowing to me as it's perfect for my dehydrated skin.

Honestly, this may come as a surprise to you but the above Best Nine posts are quite effortless compared to my other posts that I worked on harder in terms of shooting and creating the contents for the photos. I'm a bit disappointed actually but it's alright because this is just social media. 

I guess that's all from me. I'll see you guys on my next post. Annyeong~

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  1. Happy New year 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. I want a beauty fridge too ♥ ☃❄ Lovely recap! ❅

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  3. Happy New Year. Salam sis, macam mana ye kalau saya nak join beauty community tu?

  4. Happy new year..
    setiap gambar ada cerita tersendiri..

  5. Salam perkenalan. Fiza singgah sini dan follow :)


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