Lifestyle | 4 Things to Do If You're Unhappy with Your Appearance

Monday 18 February 2019

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Many people go through periods in their lives of being dissatisfied with their physical appearances, and this can in turn be one of the major sources of a generalised sense of insecurity.

But the thing is, we’re not completely helpless when it comes to influencing the way we look, and if you feel unhappy with your appearance, there are various steps you can take.

Here are a few things to consider doing if you find yourself in this situation.

Research cosmetic surgery and discover what different procedures would entail and could realistically achieve.

Cosmetic surgery* should really be a last-resort option, not a first resort by any means, but it is worth keeping in mind that cosmetic surgery has been improving steadily for some time now, and there are many things that an experienced cosmetic surgeon might be able to do for you if needed.

The key thing is to research the options presented by cosmetic surgery before committing to them. Discover what different surgeries will entail. Seek out eyelid surgery video and descriptions before committing to eyelid surgery. Look up facial restructuring in detail before committing to it.

Develop realistic expectations about cosmetic surgery and be mindful of the risks involved, but be aware that there are potentially helpful options out there.

Work on improving your happiness and confidence in other domains of your life, and see how it alters your perspective on your looks.

Sometimes in life, we project our insecurities and dissatisfactions onto things like our looks, when in reality, the true root of the issue is deeper and less easy to spot.

It might be that if you improved your happiness and confidence in other domains of your life, you might find that you would feel significantly better about your looks, virtually overnight.

Work on improving your happiness and confidence in other domains of your life, whether that means learning new skills, starting a business, or working past old hang-ups, and see how it alters your perspective on your looks.

Commit to health and fitness

It’s amazing what committing in a serious way to your health and fitness can do for your looks. Healthier living, in general, can lead to better skin quality, better posture, and a more vital and attractive aura in general.

Getting fit can help to develop curves where you want them to be, and reduce them where you don’t want them to be.

And aside from the direct effect of health and fitness on your looks, making steady progress on an exercise plan will naturally develop your sense of pride.

Explore new fashion styles and see how they work for you

There’s an old saying that goes “clothes make the man”, and you could say something similar about women, too.

Of course, the stuff that really matters — your character, your morals, your personality — have nothing to do with what you wear. But the way you dress can have a very dramatic impact on how you look and feel on a daily basis.

If you want to feel better about how you look, spend some time experimenting with new styles and seeking out new outfits that make you feel your best.

I guess that's all from me and I'll see you guys on my next post. Take care!

Blogger's note: *addressed to non-Muslim readers. I haven't found a solid verse of Al-Quran that state aesthetic surgery is haram but I'd like to state my opinion as fellow Muslim that I'm not encouraging at all as I believe everyone's created in the most beautiful way as Allah is the Most Beautiful and He loves beautiful things. Objection towards aesthetic surgery is not absolute as it's rather an objection towards exaggeration and extremism. 

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