Beauty Talks | Kick Off of My Round 13.0 Skincare Products

Tuesday 21 August 2018

August marks the final month for my Round 12 of skincare products and as you can see from the above #shelfie,  I've got a cleanser from Round 11 (which ended in February) and this round's cleansing foams, waters and balms with new additions from Blogger Mails last month. 

For Round 12.0, I've managed to finish a toner, 2 bottles of first serums, 2 bottles of essences, and 3 tubs of sleeping masks along with almost 100 sheet masks. I'd definitely be posting an Empties post soon so do stay tuned for that, okay!

For this upcoming Round 13.0 which starting next month, I'll be introducing some new oil-based cleansers, water-based-cleansers, moisturisers, tone-up creams, lots of sunscreens, and the most that I've anticipated for 2018; new exfoliating and hydrating toners (you need both if you want to start incorporating acids in your skincare routine) which will be part of my 7-Skin Methods. I haven't decided whether it'll be seven different toners or maximum 4 toners, let's just wait and see for now. 

As for body care, I literally haven't shopped for anything for the past 3 months or so as I've bought so much back in May to June as there was the Harvest Festival Sale literally in every mall at that time so I'm going to shop my stash till I ran out of everything. 

So I guess that's a quick update on my current skincare stash! Do you use the same skincare products all year round or are you like me who change certain number of products on a 6-month cycle? Do let me know by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~

P.S.: How are you liking my new blog header?

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