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Saturday 28 July 2018

Blogging and engaging on social media can be interesting and fulfilling especially for those people who are like me; having small circle of friends in real life (which I appreciate and love) and maintaining (read: struggling) a well-balanced life between work and family. Most of my friends and colleagues have no interest in skincare or makeup so I opened a second Instagram account just for my passion towards K-Beauty as I don't want to appear bit more obvious than I am on regular days where I reapply my sunscreens before lunch and use sheet mask while sipping on iced tea in the break room when I'm too lazy to go out during early evening.

Up until 2016, I was all about writing reviews on my blog and posted on Instagram like once or twice a month. You probably noticed that there aren't lots of comments here in my blog and I haven't got much of engagement here because I just changed my domain back in March hence previous comments are all gone but actually, people like to engage more on social media these days, I think?  Anyway, while I was trying to figure out my next step for this blog, I was invited to be part of Malaysian-based Beauty Community around early 2017 and we went by #myabcommunity on Instagram. I was all aboard with the idea of engaging with other Malaysian-based beauty enthusiasts as I’ve got the opportunity to meet new friends on social media (not just Instagram) and as it turned out, we’ve become friends in real life as well so at that point, I’ve realised that things will be much more interesting from that moment on. 

Now, to be part of Althea’s Beauty Ambassador Community is something I’m grateful for as I get to enjoy lots of perks like getting more products to try and review, discount codes for my followers and readers, better opportunities in terms of brand awareness, attending events; all in the hope to grow of becoming an influencer. Before we go into details of items included in the Welcome Kit that arrived last week, can we take some time to appreciate the cuteness of this special Althea Box?

The size of this Althea Box is the same as their regular Medium Box and comes with that ANGEL logo at top right corner with Althea Angels wording at the lower half of the box continuing onto the front lid area. The box is in that cute pastel pink and I like it very much as the design is unique among its sisters.


So what's included in the kit?
  • Welcome Message from the Head of Social Media of Althea
  • Althea Angels official merchandise; the “Spread Your Wings” beauty hand mirror and makeup bag
  • Althea Turns 3 Canvas Tote Bag along with the Birthday Book miniatures
  • Althea X Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea and Rose

Overall, I’m loving this kit! It’s so cute and befit the whole concept of this Beauty Ambassador Community Program. I also have started on using the two products from Althea’s latest collaboration with that top beauty program in South Korea so do stay tuned for my upcoming reviews on them. ​

Before I forgot, here's a discount code for you on your next purchase! Valid till September 30, 2018!

I guess that's all from me! I'll see you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

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