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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Hence my Round 12.0 of skincare has begun with more than 10 new products introduced (read: opened before they've gone expired) in this round so as per last Round 11.0, I'm going to start with first cleansers. 

For eye makeup removers, I'm down to the last quarter of the bottle of Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover. This is still working greatly at removing my eye makeup and I'd be sure to repurchase when I finally finished it. As for its sisters; Bifesta Cleansing Lotion BRIGHT UP, ENRICHED and MOIST, I'm alternating these three according to my skin condition of the day. On dry and sensitive days, I usually go for Moist or Enriched while Bright Up is for regular days.

I was merely using the travel-sized of B-Lab I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Pure Natural Cleansing Water and now I'm back with that huge 500ml version. This is great when I'm practicing my makeup as it literally removes everything that I have on my eyes and face also gentle enough even if I were to use it many times (many mistakes!) in a row. 

Among some new additions to my first cleansers is the Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water that I first bought its travel-sized sister from SEPHORA aisle of terror i.e the aisle where its filled with travel-sized products, minis and deluxe samples. This cleansing water is one of Dr.Jart+ products that was featured many times in OnStyle's Get It Beauty program so that's the reason why I actually bought this from SEPHORA which is considerably expensive compared to getting them online but it actually comes with free refill so I'm good!

THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water is the fourth bottle that I've repurchased and I do think I'd be still repurchasing this when I finished it. It works so well with my skin and doesn't irritate even on my sensitive skin days although your miles may vary with mine. As you guys might already know, this removes all my makeup and sunscreens.

I've received The SAEM Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water to review that comes in Althea Box No. 40: 7-Step Korean Skincare back in February which I've done a quick review in the post so do check it out! 

You've probably noticed that I would prefer cleansing waters over micellar waters any day as the ones that I've tried actually dried out my skin so bad but feel free to suggest any hydrating micellar water. Still, for days when I'm using heavy foundations or cushion foundations, I'd prefer to use oil-based first cleansers like cleansing balm and oils. There isn't much of differences between these in terms of performances and I'd prefer to use damped cleansing sponge to emulsify and wipe off the residue at the same time only to proceed with second cleanser right after.

I've only gone through half of the bottle of that ARITAUM Apricot Seed Deep Cleansing Oil from my previous round of skincare and I do still like it especially the peachy scent! I'd be sure to finish this soon!

Now onto the more new additions; Heimish All Clean Balm which is a better replacement of my previous cleansing balmas not only this removes my makeup really well, it doesn't sting my eyes or making my eyes blurry while I was melting off my makeup as it emulsifies with water.

As for that FORENCOS V-Right New Tone Cleansing Balm is something I had picked while I was just browsing through some of their products while I was at Metrojaya, Suria Sabah. Unfortunately, the product was leaked and I've only noticed it after a week as I forgot to take it out from shopping bag (went for a quick trip with family that week) and as I can't return or exchange, opening the product was given at that point. Although some of its oil spilled, the balm still works great at melting my makeup so no worries!

That Natural Pacific Deep Cleansing Oil is another cleanser that was included in the Althea Box that I've mentioned above. I'm really into this cleanser these days as it's lightweight and so easy to rinse off! Again, I've done a quick review in the Blogger Mail post so do check it out!

Last but definitely not least is the Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi+ Cleansing Oil in travel-sized bottle that I've got as a GWP when I got some brow products from the brand recently. I love the scent for this as it's like herbal but most importantly it's slightly different texture; it's oily but lotion-like? I don't know but I'll be using this for several more times to really come up with a review but so far, so good!

I guess that's all from me! Do let me know if you have first cleansers that you want me to try by leaving comments down below. I'll see you guys on my next post, annyeong!

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