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Sunday 27 May 2018

Essence or serum to me is like a star product where it's the most important in any skincare line I ever encountered and how the cleanser, toner, emulsion, and moisturiser being designed heavily depends  on how the essence or serum works. Although, I haven't been getting the most out of the opened essences in my stash as I have been indulging a lot in using sheet masks both for my morning and night routine.

First would be that LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence. This is the first anti-aging essence I ever had in my whole stash and I have to admit that I haven't been using this so diligently but I'm planning to from now on. I've got a tip that we can still apply essences prior sheet mask application but it's preferable to use functional essence or serum with a hydrating sheet mask for a synergy effect. So, I guess I'll be trying this later and let you guys know how it went.

Of course, as both LANEIGE's and that Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence are from previous round of skincare, I'd still be alternating between the two. Although I still not really into this. Maybe I should give it away or apply on my body? :D

One of the most recent addition to my beauty stash is that Primary Soymilk Renew Essence. It's supposedly hydrates the skin and it's light in texture so I'll be using it in my morning routine. But seriously, what do you think of the packaging? It's made of glass by the way.

The above are some deluxe samples of essences from Innisfree, LANEIGE and Real Barriers that I used throughout the time when my skin was really sensitive due to having allergic reaction; hydrating and soothing essences. I probably getting one of these in full-sized version later. Especially that Real Barrier Essence Mist! So convenient to use after washing my face (on sensitive skin days) so I won't be feeling dry after stepping out of the washroom and into my bedroom literally 4 feet away.

I guess that's all of it! Let me know your favourite essence in your routine by leaving comments down below. Until next post! Annyeong~

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