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Wednesday 14 March 2018

To me, even body scrubbing is kind of a stretch to do so when I discovered bath salts, I was indifferent about it until I tried one. For today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be giving out my thoughts on line of products that I'm currently using in my body care routines I'll be talking about the first bath salt I ever tried so let's get into it!

For bath salts, you'll be needing bath tub filled with water but we don't have that in my place so I opted for basin that can fit my feet. I usually just filled it up with water half towards my knee  and poured in a table spoon of the bath salts and just soak my feet for as long as I want to. According to Chinese medical studies, there are lots of nerve endings at out feet so the salts detoxifies our body by pulling out the toxins and helps in releasing our stress from head to toe. 

The whole routine is indeed relaxing especially when I added in some essential oils like rosehip or lavender but most of the time I usually just light up some scented candles and scrubbing my legs while I'm soaking my feet. 

Do you use bath salts? Would you try some?

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