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Friday 30 March 2018

As you probably have witnessed in my previous post here, my addiction towards sheet masks is getting worse but I just can't help it when I see my overall skin is just loving them so much; pores appearances being reduced (also thanks to AHA and BHA for that), instantly soothes my dry and flaky (and angry!) facial area but honestly, I was just so busy these days I didn't go through 10 steps of skincare even at night as I've been working late. Cleanse, tone and sheet masks were on repeat on those nights and I'm telling you guys that I'm not proud! I seriously need to get back to my full routine. 

I tried taking part of a sheet mask challenge that should be completed in the month of January but honestly, a 30-day challenge is too much for my skin so technically I only used 12 sheet masks in January and the above sheet masks with Turquoise-coloured packaging were actually part of it. I gotta say that those sheet masks are heavily associated with pores issues; dead skin cells hence BHA and Bifida ferment lysate, but also brightening and moisturising issues. Probably coincidence though but I can't help getting these more compared to their sisters as Turquoise is my favourite colour.

The rest of 20 sheet masks shown above are those that I've used throughout February till this month of March and as I've already done reviews on most of them, you guys can check out my hashtag on Instagram for that. 

Compared to the previous Empties post for sheet masks which was also 3-month's worth of usage, this quarter's slightly lower in number but don't be surprised to see my next post! I've used a lot more than I expected and I'd probably be doing like a summary for those sheet masks as they're the ones that I've bought in bulk like those daily sheet masks from Innisfree and THE FACE SHOP.

I guess that's all of it! I'll see you guys on my next post! Annyeong~

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