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Sunday 11 February 2018
I go through more or less of 10 products for my night routine but eye cream is the step that I often skip even though I know that I need to take better care for my eye area especially now that I'm entering my 30s. I went to the store and got myself 2 products from my favourite brands merely because I just want to motivate myself the fact that LANEIGE is getting more expensive year after year (thanks to weak Ringgit Malaysia) and the Innisfree Orchid line is my favourite line from the brand. For today's post under my Beauty Routine series where I'll be giving out my thoughts on line of products at certain point of my skincare or makeup routine, so I'll be talking about these eye care products that I have love-hate relationship with.

LANEIGE Time Freeze Eye Serum. I got this around last year and I'm not even half into this small bottle. The texture is quite thick despite its name and it does take several minutes of massaging around my eye area before it's fully absorbed.

Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream. I'm a huge fan of the moisturiser; Orchid Enriched Cream although to this day, I haven't finished using the sachets and deluxe-sized samples that came with my purchases and after watching @joankeem video on her ultimate eye cream battle, this one actually came out as a winner to her hence I decided to get this. I’ve been using this for the past week or whenever I feel extra dry under eye area.

Are using eye cream in your routine (stupid question, sorry) too? Do let me know in below comment section!

Until next post, annyeong~

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