Skincare Routine | AHA, BHA. Huh?

Wednesday 17 January 2018
There are times when scrubs can be aggressive to my skin so during that time I usually opted for AHA/BHA toner to take care the whitehead and BHA toner that focus on the blackheads. 

One of my 2018 skincare resolutions is to learn more about incorporating acids in my routine. Again, as I’m approaching the big 3-0 this year, I want to learn more on how to improve my skin texture or accelerate the rate of skin turnover hence increase skincare absorption into my skin.

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. I use this focusing on my T-zone area plus a little bit more around the nose area where my huge pores can be seen from 2 blocks away. If you’re not familiar with BHA products, a quick info would be it contains Salicylate; a milder Salicylic Acid that can help in getting rid of dead skin cells and blackhead within the pores and hopefully at some point will lessen its appearances. I’m still experimenting with the frequency and consistency of it so I’ll keep you guys posted once I’m down with a final review.

Are you using acid in your skincare routine? Let me know!

Until next post, annyeong~

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