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Friday 24 November 2017
In continuation of the previous episode of Roomie Rants, a colleague of mine needed boxes to pack some documents to be delivered to our clients; drawings, reports, some utensils i.e. different size of stuffs and it's definitely not wise to pack them all together in a single big box available as it'll be too heavy to lift.

As the two of us were standing in the middle of the office, my roomie which is also my colleague came to save us damsels in distress.

If you guys need several boxes, I think I saw a 'tower' at the back (our pantry) area.

Hearing that coming out from her, I quickly know exactly what she meant. Few minutes later, she came back with my babies. Well, empty babies. I know I was supposed to throw them out already but I'm such a hoarder and I like building my Tower of Fame. Yep, that's what I called the one at home. 

I literally can't roll my eyes to her any bigger as we were packing the stuffs.

The next day, as we entered our office, we both heard our cleaner was sighing in relief when she found out that she doesn't have to throw out those boxes and my roomie literally can't roll her eyes any bigger. 

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