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Thursday 5 October 2017
As promised in my previous post on the new revamped THE FACE SHOP Malaysia online store, I'm going to share with you guys on the products that I received from the brand team on these recently launched items but first, let me talk a little bit about their online order delivery. 


When you placed an order via the official E-store, your order will delivered to your door within a sturdy box with the brand logo on it. I do think they use EasyParcel service and as stated in their FAQ page, they use either PosLaju Malaysia, CityLink Express or DHL to deliver your orders.

All items except sample sachets are properly wrapped using bubble wrappers which is truly a saver as to avoid the products from being teared open which can lead to broken bottles while on delivery. The packaging of each of the products aren't dented so that's another plus!

Now, let's get onto the good stuffs that were sent to me.

|||     The Therapy Toning Moisture Blending Formula Cream    |||

Click on the link to find out more about the product on E-store!

If you're into Anti-Aging products, the whole The Therapy line from the brand is definitely for you. This skincare line is known for its 200-year-long natural blending formula originating from Europe to make your skin younger, bouncier and filled with moisture. Currently, they have two types of anti-aging moisturisers in this skincare line which are anti-aging creams that basically pack intense moisture and anti-aging benefits and another type is Blending creams; luxuriously moisturising anti-aging creams that hold a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils. This product is indeed a Blending Cream with added brightening and tone-up functions so if you're looking for a product that brighten up your skin tone instantly and fused with anti-aging benefits, do try it for yourself. 

White Seed is a basic brightening skincare from the brand targeting beauty enthusiasts aged 25 and below that use white seed complex and 3-step real brightening system to keep skin bright and transparent. The brightening moisturiser from this skincare line is a moisture cream with white seed complex and Blanclouding's clouding technology and this product shares the same concept with added instant brightening effect to skin complexion hence it's highly recommended to use this cream prior makeup to bring out the natural glow of your skin. Both of the above products recently launched so do check them out at the nearest THE FACE SHOP store.

The team was nice enough to send me some accompanying products to be used together with the new tone-up creams so below are the products that are already available in both physical and online stores which are sister products of the above items. 

|||     The Therapy Kit     |||

Included in this kit are the deluxe samples of the Essential Formula Cleansing Foam, First Serum and Moisture Blending Formula Cream. I'm currently using the First Serum especially in my night routine and I'm in love with it; enough to repurchase the full-sized product. Have you tried any of these?

|||     White Seed Brightening Toner     |||

There are only 6 products in the whole White Seed skincare line and I got the toner in full size! I actually started using this recently in my morning routine and ended up getting the lotion for myself. The consistency for both products is lightweight yet moisturising which is perfect for my morning routine. I will update on that very soon, I promise!

I also got some samples of products from the other brands that are also under the LG Household & Health. I'm actually curious to try them as I have never tried a single products from either of the brands.

I guess that's all for now! Stay tuned as I will be reviewing both new products of The Therapy and White Seed skincare line in full on my next post.

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