Fashion Haul | Charles & Keith Backpack and Wrislet

Friday 3 February 2017
With New Year and upcoming holiday, I got some extra cash on hands so I was wondering what I should get to kick-start 2017 to motivate myself though let's be honest here. There were sale literally at every corner of the shopping malls! As I looked through my bag collection, I noticed that my purse is quite worn out so I decided to get myself a new one but of course, I just HAD to get that backpack the moment I laid my eyes on it. 

If you don't know me, then you probably should know that other than my Baju Kurung for office wear, I only wear blacks. Tops, bottoms, scarves, accessories, and most importantly, bags. I do have other colours for clothes but I preferably wear blacks to almost everywhere I go other than my workplace and of course, weddings.

Now let's talk about the bigger item first. It's a simple black backpack with golden zippers and handle connectors and I'm digging this kind of style most of the time. Black and gold can never go wrong when it comes to accessories. 

There are 3 separate compartments, the middle which is the biggest, the back compartment with magnetic button, and the front part with smaller compartment. 

The shoulder straps is quite okay though I was hoping for a slightly wider than that but it's still comfortable to wear so all is good. It's adjustable and you can totally style it however you want it to like for example, I do see some girls using just one strap and turned this into a shoulder bag for the day. The backpack also comes with that four golden studs at the bottom so the bag won't touch the ground directly if you were to put in on the floor at a restaurant for example. 

Next is this pretty black wristlet also from the brand. 

It's indeed bigger than my previous purse but I actually quite happy as I get more rooms and I just love the bill compartment in this one. 

I do love the outer finish as it does give a luxury feeling to it. Think Michael Kors or Kate Spade. There's the brand engrave at the outer and inner side of the folded part and it's connected with a magnetic button. 

Just look how spacious it is! There are 12 slots for cards, coin compartment with a zipper, and of course bill compartments. I can even slip in my Samsung A7 in this and grab a tumbler whenever I feel like I just wanna hang out at Starbucks all day. 


I actually got an email from Charles & Keith Malaysia that for purchases made above RM400 (if not mistaken) you'll get a Travel Adapter and a pouch together with it. There are 2 colours and I decided to go with turquoise as it goes well with blacks. This is definitely something I would include in my travel essentials. I've seen a video of Cara Delevingne showing her 'What's in My Bag' and travel adapter is a mist have! I love seeing models showing their simple essentials and modeling agencies in Melbourne require simplicity for their models. So, try accentuating  your look through sleek accessories, Charles & Keith backpack or a bold red lipstick will do.

I guess that's all for this haul. Let me know if you have comments by leaving it down below. 

Until next time, annyeong~
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