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Wednesday 15 February 2017
Throughout the time I was in university, I only travel domestically from KK, Sabah to KL so it was never a necessity for me to have my toiletries and skincare items in mini sizes except the time when I traveled to Singapore for a day and I did just borrowed my best friends' stuff. LOL

For the past few months, I've been taking short trips to KL and overseas so today I wanna share with you guys my skincare essentials for a quick getaway or weekender.

I usually pack my essentials in 2 separate bags; the square toiletries bag from Innisfree Korea that I always place in my luggage and that travel pouch from Sephora that I carry in my Herschel backpack.

Though I only spent maximum 3 hours in the cabin, I sometimes spent up to 6 hours at the airport before boarding my plane and several more after arrival so most of the time when I do need to remove my makeup and rest for a little bit at the lounge or praying area, I use I Am Sorry Just Cleansing: Cleansing Water from B-Lab. I actually bought a huge bottle together with this travel-sized bottle but I didn't regret a bit (my initial thought was to just try it first). The scent is like coconut which I love as it's not too strong and it does removes my makeup thoroughly. I usually just spray my face with water to just rinse off any residue afterwards. 

While resting, I applied Water Sleeping Mask from Laneige and that Lip Sleeping Mask also from the brand to replenish the lost moisture in my skin especially at the cold airport or while in the cabin. The same reason goes to why I always have that Green Tea Mineral Mist from Innisfree in the pouch. 

There are 2 sides of that luggage-shaped toiletries bag and I've placed my toiletries on the left side with my skincare essentials on the side with mesh pocket. There's a separate smaller bag that can be detached from the middle part of the bag where I usually place my cotton pads, band-aids, spatula and other small items to keep them clean. 

For my day routine while traveling, I just need my cleanser, toner and moisturiser and I picked my favourite simple skincare items from the Chia Seed Sebum Control line by THE FACE SHOP. I top these 3-step with All-Day Anti Pollution from Laneige and I usually just brought sunscreen samples with me. 

For my night routine, I remove my makeup with Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil from Innisfree and double with Multi Cleanser from Laneige. An oil cleanser and a deep-cleansing foam is my most trusted combo to prepare my skin for the rest of my routine. I think you can already guess that I love bringing sleeping masks while traveling so I also take that Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack from Innisfree when I need to soothe my skin at night and that White Plus Renew Sleeping Pack from Laneige to brighten up my skin the next day. 

I know taking care of your skin can be such a drag  especially during travel and that's why you need to go through your skincare spread and choose the items that you really need to make sure your skin condition maintains at its best. Multi-tasking products like cleansing water or moisturiser with SPF can be a good start and you can also take beauty samples as they'll save some space in your bag. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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