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Friday 22 July 2016
Hello, lovelies! How are you? Hope this week has been kind to you and yes, we're all looking forwards to weekends. haha

Anyway, as you probably might've guessed from the previous post which is an essential reading for you guys to know all about Althea Birthday Celebration where there will be giveaways, Althea Rewards, Instagram contest and so much more!

So today I'll be doing a unboxing post where I'm gonna share with you guys the Korean beauty products that I grabbed during the bloggers event. Well, it's not a physical event but there were lots of South East Asia-based beauty bloggers took part in this sort of virtual party while giving hands to the Elves of Althea-land to spread the news of their first ever birthday celebration. Now, let's get right into it!

First, the pretty Birthday Box. This box isn't some sort of subscription box as it's actually the box that Althea will ship your products in all the way from Seoul to Malaysia, Singapore and coming soon, Thailand. Compared to their original Althea Box, it's much sturdier and that hot pink colour is indeed really pretty!

Of course, the Elves of Althea-land love to remind you about their store's policies that include Free Shipping for purchase above RM150, Authentic Products Guarantee, their Best Price Policy and the Unconditional Returns policy. 

Now, let's talk about the products!

I've always wanted to try this famous makeup remover and finally had the opportunity! It's kind of expensive if I were to buy from Instagram sellers (as Banila Co. have not opened a store in Malaysia or in Sabah particularly) so I always do my survey on prices offered on online stores. I have heard great things of this product and hopefully it works on my skin too. 

Other bloggers might have picked up lots of products to try but I decided to also pick my all time-favourite wash-off masks from Skinfood.

You probably know that I love this exfoliating mask from Skinfood. It's moisturizing after using, makes your skin so soft to touch and it smells so lovely! Check out my review here!

Another absolute favourite of mine which is this made of rice exfoliating mask. Instant brightening as it sloughs off the dead skin cells and I don't need to use lots of products in one go. I talked about this product like back in 2013 so do check it out, okay~

This one too has became my favourite especially whenever I want to take extra care in managing my sebum before applying my makeup. Will post a review later~

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Seaweed and Green Tea | RM7

I tried lots of these before and I don't have these in my stash anymore so I decided to pick up 3 packs before hoarding some more on my next trip to KL. Yes, no Innisfree store here in Sabah. I've tried Green Tea but I'm excited to try the Seaweed finally as I heard good things about from my friends. Hopefully they're right!

So I guess that's all about it! Let me know if you want me to review any of product and do check out the links I provided above. They're not affiliate links as I provided them just for your conveniences. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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