Review | Kate Tokyo Powderless Liquid for Cover in OC-D

Wednesday 6 July 2016

To this day, I've only tried drugstore, Western and Korean foundation so this is the first time I'm trying Japanese foundation after hearing this product being recommended by a YouTuber that I'm following. 

I got this around 2 months ago and I was actually kinda reluctant to try this at first as I was assuming there are limited number of shades but Kate Tokyo even released for cool tone skin. I happened to match the second darkest shade which is OC-D. 

Product Description:
  • Liquid turns into powder the moment it touches the skin. A liquid foundation not requiring face powder.
  • Smooth coverage of a liquid foundation and the silky, beautiful finish of a powder foundation can be achieved at the same time, create a perfect skin for beautiful makeup.
    • Moisturiser for preventing dry skin
    • Formulated with serum ingredient (water-soluble collagen)
    • Completed non-comedogenic testing (not likely to cause the generation of pimples)


The foundation comes in that brown-coloured bottle which I thought was according to the shade but then all shades come in that similar bottle. 

It's really great that it comes with a pump which is hygienic and easy to use.


I bought the foundation from a drugstore (Watson) and there's English label pasted on top of the Japanese product description. On the side of the box, there's a manufacturing date on the distributor sticker. 


I usually use 2 pumps if I were using a BeautyBlender or makeup sponge for my whole face but if I were to use makeup brush, I usually need less than that. 


Left: bare-faced. Right: with one drop of foundation, spread to half of my facial area. The coverage is medium and I've tried to layer before but it doesn't sit well on my skin. 2 to 3 drops might give a higher coverage I would say. 

The finishing is indeed like what it claims, it turns into a smooth layer with powdery finish. I didn't feel the need to set it with powder. I do think this foundation suits those with normal to oily skin the most as my T-zone doesn't turn oily during midday like other foundation (without using base primer) and I only have to touch up with translucent powder after lunch. 

Just to stay safe, I usually remove the foundation with cleansing oil as I don't want to take risk of clogged pores but cleansing water does just fine. 

Final verdict: 4/5. I do love this foundation. The shade is slightly lighter that my skin tone but the darkest shade which only available in department store is too dark for me. 

This is retailed at RM78.40 at Watson but I'm pretty sure I got it at discounted price around RM50+. 

Have you guys tried this brand before? Or any Japanese brand foundation? Let me know by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, mata ne~ ^___^

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