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Sunday 24 January 2016

Hello, lovely people! How's your Sunday so far? Mine is great! Just finished doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen~ haha sorry for blabbing away like this! :p

If you noticed, this post was part of the previous post but I decided to separate them and give deeper insight on unboxing the box I received from Major B.

Anyway, let's go right into it!

So last week, if you saw my Instagram, I received a package from Major B. Yay~ 

The design of the box is so pretty! The colour is minty green and it does look like one of those box you get from Korean online shops or gift box at Korean stores. Yep, they're known for soft or pastel colours which are sooooo appealing to my eyes. The box also so sturdy that it didn't even changed its shape during delivery process well, thanks to the outer bubble wrap and plastic cover! I'm definitely gonna put this box a lot of use later on. Hehe

Just look at how the box 'greet' me!! Happiness unlocked, indeed! I'm so in love~ It feels like as if the online store being brought to life with that continuous use of that mint green colour from the online store to the beauty box. 

As you can see above, these are the items sent to me. ^_______^ 

The theme: Moisturising, brightening and anti-aging products! Now, let's get into details. I'll make sure to update these with links when they're all available in the store.

Mediheal x LINE Friends E.G.T Time Tox, I.P.I Lightmax and Aquaring Ampoule Masks | RM14

If you didn't know, Mediheal (with Hyun Bin oppa as the brand's ambassador) made a collaboration with LINE Friends last year and the brand picked their bestselling mask sheets to be repackaged in that limited edition packaging. I personally haven't tried any product from the brand but I'm excited to as I've heard great things and great things only regarding these mask sheets. The price is kinda pricey compared to my regular mask sheets but hey! It's a treatment mask and based on similar masks within this price range, it's never a regret. 

Tony Moly Mighty Atom Real Made Mask Sheet (Water Made) | RM8

Another collaboration between Tony Moly and Mighty Atom and this is their mask sheet. This is not a repackaged however so the brand released this line with 3 variants including for elasticity and nutrition. This one is infused with hyaluronic acid and deep ocean water for moisturizing effect on your skin.

Another similar sheet mask line to Mediheal is Leaders. I've heard great things about this moisturizing sheet mask. I just hope it wonders on my skin as well.

This is one of the product that I've been wanting to try for so long actually. I've seen how this kind of treatment being demonstrated in beauty program before and I'm dying to get my hands on it but unfortunately, it's not really popular among middle-level beauty brands and finally, Innisfree had introduced their Jeju Sparkling Mineral line. Laneige also introduced their Brightening Sparkling line but theirs are for boosting your skincare products in general. In case you're wondering, there are 2 packets included in one pack (those on its right). This is good to really just clears out your pores from all kinds of impurities and traces of makeup.

Capsule Recipe Pack in Rice and Strawberry | RM8 each

There are like 10 variants I think and there are 2 types which are wash-off mask (here is the Strawberry one) and sleeping pack (rice). One capsule can be used at least 3 times so just scooped out some and sealed back the rest of it and remember to refrigerate to prolong its goodness. 

Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2X in Argan Seed | RM8

Silk Scarf line is one of the most running product line in Etude House like their Baking Powder line and Wonder Pore line. Recently, they added a new line under it which is this Damage 2X that basically comprises this Hair Pack + Hair Serum, a 2-step hair care product. Use the hair pack right after washing your hair, rinse after like 10 minutes and apply the hair serum and just leave it on. Never tried anything like this at home so yes, I'm excited to see how this work with my hair.

The SAEM Chocopie Hand Cream | RM34

Have you seen this before?? I honestly thought they were sending the cookie! Looks almost real to me! LOL I think there are 2 types and this is the Choco Cookie & Cream. I believe the other would be Marshmallow~ So cute!! haha can't get over it~

 It's Skin Macaron Holiday Edition Lip Balm in Green Apple | RM35

I believe this is from Christmas last year and I'm not sure if this still available for purchase but this is a limited edition (holiday) packaging as I do know that this product is actually from their permanent line of products. But still, it's pretty and perfect for gifts.

Another collaboration between Aritaum and Sticky Monster Lab! SML is a brand by a group of creative graphic designers and the products includes figures, animation, motion graphics and product design. I have to say, though I'm not really that familiar with Aritaum products, I've seen the original packaging and boy! This is such an upgrade! There are other products repackaged like BB Cushion, eyeshadow palettes and other makeup items but the mist is just so cute! 

If you've noticed, I'm not really a fan of blush products and to be honest, for the past few years since I started collecting makeup items, I only have ONE blusher which is from Bourjois. Thinking that flushed looks doesn't suit me so I do hopefully that this product can give me that natural flushed look. Can't to try this!

Online store: Major B
Official Instagram: Major B Korea
Official Facebook Page: Major B

So I guess that's all about it! Let me know which product do you want me to review first by leaving comments down below. 

Until next post, annyeong~

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