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Sunday 17 January 2016
Hello, beautiful people! What a lovely Sunday it is! Honestly, I've been planning to update my blog this weekend but yesterday was a bit chaotic in our house as we just finished doing a minor renovation on our backyard plus I had to attend a small occasion next door so right after I was done with yesterday, it was like 8 p.m. and I was already turning my lights off. 

Anyway, this morning I woke up with several things on my mind and one of it is to keep my promise to my Instagram followers which is to update you guys about this new online store that was launched like last week so it's still new, but in my opinion, worth to check out.

First thing first, let me usher you guys into the store and tell you a little bit about it. 

Major B is owned by a Malaysian girl who have been living in Seoul for about 5 years. She decided to bring in Korean beauty products or products that are being raved in the country readily available here in Malaysia so the most outstanding point of reason as to why would you want to choose Major B is because of at least one or two things but for me one thing only, no more waiting on pre-order items

Back in 2013 to 2014, as you guys witnessed in my Monthly Hauls, I bought like 90% of my beauty products here in Malaysia while the other 10% were either being brought back my cousin who are studying in there or through pre-orders made via Instashop and Facebook. 

Last year (yes, I can't believe the whole year!!) is all about me re-arranging my beauty stash and putting up every single product to use or on schedule for them to be used and I did all that on Excel spreadsheet (which I'll consider to show you guys maybe~) and buying organizers from Muji and Daiso. At the end of the whole beauty-stuffs-organizing process, my jaw was dropped by how much money that I spent. So yeah, let's not get onto that topic and move onto this store that probably gonna help me save some money. 

As this store is still new, you guys have to type in to get into the site. 

As you can see above, you're gonna want to sign up as the site is offering RM15 off your total purchase in conjunction with the launching of the online store.

Secondly, if you're gonna register, just follow these kindergarten-easy steps. :)

From the above photo, click SIGN UP NOW button. You'll arrive to below page.

To register, just filled in your email address and your password

Then, hit the Register button. 

For now, you don't have to verify your account by anything but the online store will send you an email to notify that your registration is successful and you'll be given the coupon code for you to fill in at the last step before placing your order later. Do note that the coupon only last within the month of your registration. So you might wanna plan your purchase and then do your registration at that time though I can't promise whether the same promotion or event will happen for the next month of February. 

Once you logged in, you'll refer the tabs on the left a lot as this is where you'll be tracking your Orders, Wishlist, and whanot. I'm pretty sure they're gonna change the website layout in the future or adding in new feature for our convenience so this is where it's all gonna be.

I'd love to recommend for you guys to update your Account by Editing your Address first. 

Fill in all the important details and click Save Address. So that's pretty much all you have to do to sign up!


Next, let's talk about the how Major B works. 

First, that's how a product is being visually presented for the customers. 

Secondly, they have tagged all the products they're selling with their respective brand names but you can also check out the categories or filter the products by price for convenience. One category that I've been eyeing for the past week is Face Mask. Why? Cause I'm almost running out of my facial mask sheets as I've been so lazy doing my entire routine at night for the past week or so, all I did was just wash, tone and applied mask sheets or sleeping packs. Ugh! Need to get back on the routine ASAP!

Anyway, coming back to Major B! 

Third, shipping. Above is the shipping table for your reference. For now, it's stated that Major B only ship their orders to Malaysian addresses. Be patient guys, hopefully Major B will go global and you guys can enjoy buying from this site too!

Note that they offer free shipping for purchases above RM150 and there's announcement made today that, all orders made till the end of February will be sent in Major B official beauty box regardless the amount of purchase. The box is so pretty I tell ya! Wanna see how it looks like? Keep on reading!


Now, I'm going to share with you guys on how to buy from Major B~

Of course, you can always put all the things you want to buy on your Wishlist first so you can finalize your Order by adding them to your Cart. You can also share your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ even email to your loved ones or just to your personal email to remind yourself about this!

Of course, first you have to look for the items or products that you want to buy. When you're done putting the products on your Cart, just proceed by clicking the My Cart tab. If you have been given a coupon code, just type that in that small box at the bottom left. 

Next, proceed by clicking Proceed to Checkout when you're finished updating the Cart as you can still change your order (whether to remove some item or change product quantity) and then you'll arrive to this page where you'll be asked whether you have other  coupon (they probably gonna issue some other type of coupon so let's just skip it for now) and there's an Additional Information box there where you can leave Order Notes for the store's staff to pay attention to while processing your order.

Done? Now double check everything is on order, select your payment method and click the Place Order button. 

For now you can either do Direct Bank Transfer, or pay via PayPal. Hopefully in the future they'll come up with direct Online Banking which I super love.

As you can see below, you got that Order Number already and please note that 2 important things to do while transferring your money into the store's bank account. 

  1. If you're transferring via Online banking, use the Order ID i.e. put in your Order ID in the Payment Reference box. This is your proof of transaction and for the store owner confirmation.
  2. If you're transferring via Cash Deposit Machine or Bank Counter, you have to email the online store ( your Order ID and that's your proof of transaction. I guess you have to use the same email that you use to place your order for smooth payment confirmation. 

Below is just showing you an example of incomplete Order Status so if you haven't made your payment, you'll see it's On Hold

... and below is an example when you already made your payment, it'll changed to Pending Payment for awhile (meaning your transactions are being confirmed) and next it'll go Processed (your payment is confirmed and they're packing your order) and finally if your order is indeed a successful transaction, it'll changed to Completed which means it's already shipped and on its way to your doorstep. 

While your Order is still On Hold, you're allowed to make changes upon your order but once it's Completed, there's no going back i.e. you can't change anything unless there's change in stock management where the product that you paid for already Out Of Stock (this is common especially on newly established site as it's not easy to maintain the flow of inventories at the begining) and you'll be contacted by Major B for Refund process. 

If you feel like ordering a second same order which happens to me several times especially when it comes to mask sheets, you can just click the Order Again and go to your Cart. There'll be same type of products and its quantity listed down so if you're good with it, just go ahead and Place Order  again. Major B will notify you if the product that you listed is Out Of Stock so do check before proceeding to next step. 

So I guess that's it! If there's anything that you're curious about, just let me know by leaving your comments down below. Happy Majoring in Beauty!

Until next post, annyeong~ 

P.S. I forgot. Major B Box

Stay tuned for the next post as I'll unbox it and show you guys the stuffs I got from Major B!
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